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Is Canada a democracy?

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Canada is an independent constitutional monarchy, a confederation with parliamentary democracy. So yes it is a democracy.

Canada is a democracy which practices the Parliamentary system of gouvernment and have elected members of parliament (MP). Canada has political parties and the head of gouvernment is the Prime Minister. The current Prime Minister is the Right Honourable Stephen Harper.
Yes it is.

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Is Canada a social democracy?

Yes, Canada is a social democracy.

When was New Democracy - Canada - created?

New Democracy - Canada - was created in 1939.

When was Democracy Watch - Canada - created?

Democracy Watch - Canada - was created in 1993.

What is the political environment in Canada?

Canada is a democracy.

What type of govrnment do you have Canada?

democracy for CANADA

Does Canada have a democracy or a totalitarian government?

Canada doesn't have a totalitarian government and we are on the way to being a democracy government

What type of govenment does Canada have?

Canada is a Parliamentary Democracy.

Is Canada a dictatorship or a partial dictatorship?

Canada is a democracy.

Does Canada have free vote?

Yes Canada is a democracy.

Is Canada Republic?

No, Canada is a Parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy.

What are the politics of Canada?

Canada is a parliamentary democracy under a Queen.

Why do people want democracy in their country?

are you Serious! Hitler was not in democracy, Canada and the us are, which one is better Canada or nazi Germany.

Does Canada have parliamentary democracy?


Was Canada always a democracy?


When did Canada become a representative democracy?


What is the form of government in canada?

Parliamentary Democracy

What is the government of all Canada called?


What is the government in the United States and Canada?

A Democracy.

What country is the largest democracy by land area?

Canada is the largest democracy by territory. Only Russia, which is an illiberal democracy is a larger country.

What year did Canada become a democracy?

in 1757 is the year cananada became a democracy hope it helps :)

Four pillars of democracy?

The four pillars of Democracy in Canada are representative, justice, equity and freedom.

Is Canada justified spending 30 billion and 100 soldiers on democracy in Afghanistan?

IS Canada justified spending 30 billion and 100 soldiers on democracy in Afghanistan?

Type of government in Canada?

The Govetnment of Canada is a palimantary democracy, federation and a commonwealth realm.

What is the definition of a representative democracy?

The definition of a representative democracy is that elected individuals represent the people. This type of democracy is used in the U.S., Canada and England.

Do people vote in Canada?

yes, they do actually do have a democracy! ;)