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The Victoria falls is in Zimbabwe; a noted tourist attraction that is not contained in a city; so Cape Town is bigger.

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Q: Is Cape Town a bigger city than Victoria Falls?
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How far is it from Cape Town to the Victoria Falls?

Cape town is about 2,401 kilometers from Victoria Falls. That is also 1492 miles away. Approximately 29 hours away.

Distance from cape town to Victoria falls South Africa?

The distance is 1196 miles

Is Cape Town the biggest city in South Africa?

No, it's not. Johannesburg in Gauteng SA is bigger than Cape Town.

Which river is Victoria Falls located?

Victoria Falls is located on the Zambezi River near the town of Livingstone. The Zambezi is the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

What are all af the historical land marks of Africa?

They are many Table Mountain ,Cape Town ,South Africa or Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and the Ancient Pyramids in Egypt these are just a few landmarks in Africa!!

What falls that separate Zimbabwe from Zambia?

The Victoria Falls separate Zambia from Zimbabwe in the east near the town of Livingstone.

When has snow fallen in Cape Town?

Snow fell on Table Mountain last winter (2013) Although it never really snows in Cape Town itself, snow falls most winters on the Hottentot Holland mountains just outside Cape Town, bringing winter chills.

What season in cape town is it in may?

May month falls in the middle of Autumn or Fall as it is known in the USA.

Where can one find the Bay hotel?

The Bay Hotel is a 5 star luxury hotel that boasts many fine amenities in Cape Town, South Africa. It is located at 69 Victoria Street in Camps Bay, Cape Town.

What province is cape town in?

Cape Town is in the Western Cape.

Is Cape Town a cape?

No- Cape Town is not a Cape. Cape Point is the actual Cape and is aka the Cape of Good Hope It is situated at the south-west corner of the Cape Peninsula about 50 kilometres from Cape Town city.

Population of cape town?

Cape Town is a city in South Africa. The population of the Cape Town metro area is 3,740,026. Cape Town was founded in 1652.

Why is Cape Town called Cape Town if it is not a cape?

The city of Cape Town began developing from a Dutch outpost at the Castle of Good Hope which was located at the cape of Good Hope which is a cape.

What does CAPE mean as in cape town?

A cape is a kind of headland jutting into the sea, similar to a peninsula, although often smaller. Cape Town south Africa is located on a cape called Cape Peninsula, so the name Cape Town basically means the main town on the cape.

What is the capacity of Cape Town Stadium?

The capacity of Cape Town Stadium at Cape Town in South Africa is 55,000.

What is the area of Cape Town Stadium?

Cape Town

Is cape town in the UK?

No - cape town is in Africa !

What is the largest city in cape town?

Cape Town IS a city! Cape Town is the largest city in the province of the Western Cape, in the country of South Africa.

Which airport is near Cape Town?

The Cape Town International Airport is approximately a half-hour drive from downtown Cape Town.

What city or town is Cape May court house located in?

Cape Quarter in Cape Town.

Is cape town in Nigeria?

No, Cape Town is in South Africa.

What is more touristic cape town or Johansburg?

Cape Town

When was Cape Town created?

Cape Town was created in 1839.

Is cape town a south African cape?

Cape Town is a city in South Africa that is considered to be the most visited city. Cape Town is second to Johannesburg in terms of the population.

What is the distance between Cape Town and Athlone?

Athlone is a suburb of Cape Town; it's about a 15-minute drive from the centre of Cape Town.