Is Carl Santos cute

Updated: 9/20/2023
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YES of course, definitely. Carl Santos gave the meaning of the word "Cute"

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Q: Is Carl Santos cute
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Is edwhin Santos gay?

Hes a gay cute man.

What does the name Santos mean?

very sweet and kind person... and cute.. no it doesnt it means all saints in spanish and i would no this as my name is Santos and im spanish

Is Romeo Santos cute?

NOPE! hes sexy :) hes very handsome and his voice is amazing

What does Michelle Phan mean when she says Carl Choi is her favorite chair to sit on?

Carl is her boyfriend....she's being cute by saying that.

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Depends what dog you have. If it is a big dog then yes but if it is a small cute dog then no.

What is San Andres?

san Andres is a game about a ganster named carl and he comes back to los Santos and finds out that his brother and mom died and you have to do gang wars

Is romeo Santos and henRY Santos related?

Henry santos is Romeo santos cousin

Who was carl lumholtz?

he was some doctor who discovered the Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo, which is sadly now endangered. Lumholtz tree kangaroos are sooooooooo cute!!!

What is the birth name of Tricia Santos?

Tricia Santos's birth name is Patricia Mae Santos Santos.

Are max santos Lenny santos romeo santos and henry santos all brothers?

Lenny and Max Santos are brother but Henry and Romeo are cousins.

What nicknames does Andy Santos go by?

Andy Santos goes by Santos.

Where does Anthony Santos live?

Anthony Santos is not Romeo Santos' dad!