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Chavo is pist off that Edge married Vickie and now he's even more pist off that Edge was just using Vickie for her power. In the future when they fight each other Chavo will win, doing the Gory Bomb!

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โˆ™ 2010-02-23 21:17:33
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Q: Is Chavo Guerrero pist that Edge married Vickey Guerrero?
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Are chavo and vicky related?

Yes Chavo and Vickie are related. In real life Vickie married Eddie Guerrero and Eddie Guerrero is Chavo's uncle. Since Eddie died, Vickie has always been single. In wrestling as a part of a storyline, Edge is married to Vickie, which is not in real life.

Is wwe superstar edge still married to vickey geraro?


Was WWE superstar edge ever married to vickey geraro?

No it was only storyline

Is edge really married to vicki Guerrero?

no edge is married with children

Is Edge married to Vickie Guerrero?


Do Edge and Vicky Guerrero have a relationship?

No their relationship is all fake and for t.v. vicky is still married to chavoAugust 5, 2008Their relationship is storyline only. Vickie has never been married to Chavo she was married to Eddie. He is Vickie's nephew. Chavo is married to Susan and they have two sons.Jan 3, 2009"No their relationship is all fake and for t.v. vicky is still married to chavo"It is advisable to do your home work, as may you may come across as being quite stupid. As the person stated above me, she was never married to Chavo, but to the late Eddie.

Is edge and vicki Guerrero really married?

No they are not really married it is for storyline

Is edge and lita dating?

No they broke up that is why edge married Vicky Guerrero

Who is realted in the WWE?

Jeff and Matt Hardy, Chavo and Vickie Guerrero, Brie and Niki Bella, Edge and Christian and that's all I can think of.

Is edge married at all?

Yes with Viki Guerrero actually he is not

Is vicky Guerrero and edge married?

yes they are married but vicky got mad with him so she reinstated the Undertaker and put edge and the Undertaker in Hell In A Cell!!!! then edge did a dirty trick( put three black roses in her locker) to get vicky and her bro to get out on the ring then edge whacked chavo with a chair and started yelling at vicky, so they are married but in a crisses!!!!! June 2010 They were never really married it was storyline not real life!!!! Learn the difference

Who is vickie Guerrero new husband?

the rated R superstar... Edge Vickie is not married! Her and EDge were never married in real life!!

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