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Yes, it is the Christian feast that celebrates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth; founder of Christianity. Jesus is believed by Christians to be the incarnate son of God, and the one who redeemed them from sin so his birth is of great significance.

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Is Christmas a religious holiday in Greenland?

It's a religious holiday everywhere there's believers in Christ.

What kind of holiday is Christmas?

Christmas is a Religious observance in origin.

Was Christmas a religious holiday when it was established as a national holiday in the US?

yes it is.

Is Christmas a religious holiday in Panama?


What is new zealands religious holiday?


What religeion has Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is not a religious holiday, but comes from the Christian holiday of Christmas. It is mostly used for summer advertising.

What is the most liked holiday?

I believe the most likes holiday is Christmas and the 6 week's holiday for kids. This holiday is both religious and non religious. You open presents, eat candy canes, eat. Christmas is the most liked holiday and children do what they wont.

Is Christmas a religious holiday in South Africa?

Christmas day is a holiday in South Africa, but the government of South Africa does promote religious freedom and that all religions in SA are equal and therefore it is not officially a religious holiday. The majority of South Africans are Christians and therefore most would celebrate Christmas from a religious point of view, many going to church on Christmas morning.

Is Christmas a religious holiday on great Britain?

Yes it is a Christian celebration/holiday in Britain.

Does Confucianism celebrate Christmas?

No. Confucianism is not a religion and Christmas is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians.

Charlie Brown complaint about Christmas?

The commercialisation of a religious holiday .

Why is Christmas a religious holiday?

Brcause it represents a celebrate date in the religious calendar. It is also a secular holiday and is hopefully enjoyed by both persuasions.

Why do some people donnot celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is a Christian Holiday. It has become more of a secular celebration and is a National Holiday in the US. Those that are not Christian do not celebrate the religious holiday.

Is Christmas Eve a religious holiday?

no because eve means before.

What is the religious holiday called advent?

That refers to the days before Christmas.

From a religious viewpoint what is the only holiday bigger than Christmas?


Is a Christmas a religious holiday of the conspirators of opressiveness justice of manipulative madness?


What president made Christmas a holiday?

A president did not declare this holiday. Christmas is a religious celebration that Christians celebrate to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. But, President Ulysses S. Grant recognized Christmas as a national holiday in 1870

Do Italians celebrate for Christmas?

Christmas is supposed to be a religious holiday. Depending on what religion people believe in they will celebrate Christmas. However in modern day time Christmas has become more of a commercial holiday then a religious one.Considering the fact Christianity is strongly represented in Italy I dare say that Italians do celebrate Christmas.

Is Christmas a religious holiday in Spain?

Yes Christianity is very strong in Spain.

Why does Brazil also celebrate Christmas?

Brazilians celebrate Kwanzaa and Christmas because Christmas is a religious holiday and brings joy to the birth of the savior . Where as Kwanzaa is a holiday to celebrate heritage and native roots.

Do atheists celebrate Christmas Hanukkah or any other kind of holiday that is religious?

they celebrate Christmas but not in a religious way.

Where did Christmas caroling come from?

Caroling originated from hymns sung in churches, since Christmas was originally a religious holiday.

Did the people in medieval times have Christmas?

People in the Medieval times had Christmas, but it was different from what it is today. It was a religious holiday, and was not commercialized.

What religions celebrate Christmas?

Christians, including Latterday Saints (Mormons), Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, and other Christian denominations, celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday in recognition of the birth of Jesus. Many non-religious people celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday.Christianity.

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