Is Claire Holt Jewish

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Q: Is Claire Holt Jewish
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Does Claire Holt have a baby?

No Claire Holt does not have a baby.

Claire Holt fan mailing address?

claire holt's email address is

Does Claire Holt have a sister?

Claire Holt is Australian and Olivia Holt is American, so therefore they are not realted

What is Claire Holt's middle name?

Her full name is Claire Rhiannon Holt.

Is Olivia Holt and Claire Holt sisters?


Who is Claire Holt's sister?

Olivia holt

Are Olivia Holt and claire Holt sisters?


Is Olivia Holt related to Claire Holt?

No. Claire has a sister named Maddie, i think. She is not related to Olivia Holt.

Is Claire Holt siblings with Olivia Holt?


What is Olivia holt sister's name?

Claire Holt

Does Claire Holt have a sister named Olivia Holt?


Is Claire Holt a christian?

is clair holt a christian???

Is Clair Holt related to Olivia Holt?

Olivia Holt and Claire Holt are not related.

What is Claire Holts email?

Does Claire Holt have sibling?


Who is Claire Holt in the vampires diaries?

Claire Holt plays Rebeka Michaelson, Klaus Michaelson's sister.

How old is Claire Holt?

Claire Holt is 29 years old (birthdate June 11, 1988).

Where is Claire Holt right now?

Claire Holt plays in The Vampire Diaries now, I saw her on a show.

Is Claire Holt related to Olivia Holt?

Dont now

Are Claire Holt and Olivia Holt sisters?

No, Olivia has a younger brother called Cade, Claire is an only child.

Claire Holt and angus mclaren is dating?

Claire Holt and Angus Mclaren are not dating. Angus is dating Indiana Evans and Claire is currently single.

Was Claire Holt ever pregnant?


Does Claire Holt like girls?


Where does Claire Holt live?

in Australia

Will Claire Holt be in H2o?