Is Coca Cola an ethical company?

absolutly yes, i cannot speak for global operations, but for N. America Coke is one of the most ethical companies in the world.

Coke is highly aware of the environmental impact their operations have and do 100 times more than anyone i know. hybrid trucks, cleaner burning diesel, they recycle everthing shrink wrap, cardboard, paper. and for a large company produce very little paper. no paper resumes are accepted must be done online, drivers do not have a stack of paper bills, its a small handheld device like fedex etc. and a small 4" wide thermal printer to print reciepts for customers.

but cokes ethics go far beyond the environment. its employee services are second to none(ok maybe Google). they don't jerk around customers, or employees. coke is very active in their respective communities, kids days, charities, parades, family days, and so much more.

business wise at the top i have no idea, but if the rest of all they do is any indication, i would say yes.