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Yes. It discolors the teeth and eats away the enamal.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-03 20:25:26
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Q: Is Coca Cola too strong for your teeth?
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What is the positive affects about Coca-Cola?

i dont know what the answer is.. umm the positive thing is that coca-cola is good for a snack. and if your too skin you can have coca-cola for fating.. i dont know what the answer is.. umm the positive thing is that coca-cola is good for a snack. and if your too skin you can have coca-cola for fating..

Why does Coca Cola rot your teeth?

There is no scientific evidence that Coca Cola rots anyone's teeth, but that said, it is a sugary soft drink, and there is scientific evidence that too much sugar can eat away at tooth enamel, contributing to decay.

Is there a Coca Cola in life?

pepsi is good too you know!coca cola is very good though, oh yeah the answer, why not yes

Is too much Coca-Cola bad?

Very bad.

Does too much coca cola lower sperm count?


Can you get a upset stomach by drinking too much coca cola?


How is Coca-Cola bad?

Coca-Cola is a carbonated beverage that is also very abrasive to the stomch lining. Drinking too much soda can cause gastro-intestinal issues, as you get older. Also, Coca Cola has as much caffeine as a cup of instant coffee.. Coca Cola offers both diet and caffeine free..

How many coca colas consumed in an hour?

You can drink about 12 or 10 coca cola cans in an hour. If you drink 10 in an hour you can drink a can every 10 minutes. But it was said that if you drink too much coca cola in one hour you might have a heart attack. You can also drink 12 coca cola cans in an hour because every 5 minutes you can drink one can. Drinking 10 cans of coca cola is easy for coca cola lovers.

What city and state is Coca-Cola?

Coke was invented in Atlanta, Georgia, and now their main location is there too.

What nation consumes the most coca cola?

America, of course.. and by a long shot, too.ok, the cuestion again:What nation consumes the most coca cola?America is not a nation. It´s a Continent.

What does Coca-Cola stand for?

Well, coke stand for cokein cause first it included cokein in early 1900. And cola stands for cola cause it inclueds cola in it too.

What happens when you put meat into coca cola?

It shribbles and if you leave it in there too long it dissolves

What does the expiration date on Coca-Cola products mean?

it means that its too old and not drinkable.

Does Coca-Cola have caffenine?

yes, as well as tea. chocolates have a little caffeine too

What experiments could prove that coca cola is a solution?

You could boil Coca Cola and when all the water is gone, see if there is some solid residue left in the container. If so, that must have been dissolved in the Coca Cola, thus proving that it was a solution. Even the observation of bubbles forming in Coca Cola (at temperatures too low for boiling of water) in itself proves that some gas (carbon dioxide, as it happens) is dissolved in the liquid and is bubbling out of it.

Why is coca-cola unhealthy?

Coca Cola contains a very large amount of sugar, and most people who drink it already have too much sugar in their diet, which leads to obesity and many medical problems which result from obesity.

Is it bad drinking a lot of Coca-Cola?

Yes it is bad, because coca cola has alot of unneeded sugars, fats, calories, and carbs and The sugar will rot your teeth and make you gain alot of weight while the fat will too ... Plus everyone has a recommended daily amount of carbs and calorie and cokes make it easy to go over yours! Then Caffeine makes your face breakout which isn't cool! You can still drink them but remember theyre not good for you ! (AT ALL!)If you love coca cola so much try drinking them occasionally or one a day or one every other day!

Does lemonade explode if you add Mentos?

We know it happens with coca cola, but to find out if it happens with lemonade too, try it out

How did coca cola get so big?

Well, they had a lot of advertising. They used images of fame and good-times to show that if YOU drank Coca-Cola, you could have all that too. Also, they were the first "cola" on the market, and they were the only cola on the market for a long time. Now, they're a corporate giant with over 60 drinks to their name, and the most-bought drink in the US.

What type of disease can you get from drinking excessive coca cola?

An example of a disease caused by drinking too much Coca-Cola is obesity. Most people do not think of obesity as a disease, but a combination of unhealthy eating habits (drinking Coke) and minimal exercise can lead to it.

What is the active ingredient in a soft drink that will rust a nail in about four days?

Water and Coca- Cola has phophoric aciod in too

Is Coca-Cola harmful?

One or two a day are OK. More than that is way too much sugar.

What will coke do to your teeth?

Coco-Cola will make your teeth become kinda yellowish-brown if the soda touches your teeth too much...I suggest you use a straw

Can doctor pepper shrink your penis?

Yes, Coca-Cola makes them bigger, Iron bru makes your pubes ginger too

What are the locations of Coca-Cola factories?

The coca cola factories are located in north east Philadelphia. Also there's another location in Atlanta too as well. They also have locations in Europe too. They have locations everywhere throughout the world basically. You can find more locations on the website called All the information will be there.