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King David is the father of Solomon

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Q: Is David the father of Solomon?
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What are Stacey Solomon's parents called?

Her father is david Solomon

Who was Solomon's grandfather?

Solomon's grandfather was Jesse, David's father.

Why are David and Solomon related?

Because King Solomon was King David's son. See also the Related Links.Link: More about King DavidLink: More about King Solomon

How important was prayer to Solomon?

Prayer was nery important to Solomon, as his father David was a holy man to.

What was the other name of Solomon the king?

David, Solomon's father called him Solomon, and I am not aware of any other name that he was called.

Who was the mother of king Solomon children?

King David and Bathsheba were the parents of Solomon, who later became king when his father David died.

What evidence has been found about David and Solomon?

As in the case with his father, David, modern archaeology simply has no evidence for Solomon's empire or any of his supposed architectural undertakings.

What did David and Solomon do?

Joke answer, they played Poker. David had a Full House and son Solomon had eventually, Four Queens! Both were Israeli Kings- father and son .

Who wrote at least 75 of the Psalms?

David (Father of solomon/slayer of goliath)

Who was wise King Solomon's father?

-----------------------There are two biblical narratives that tell of Solomon's succession to David. The first narrative, in 1 Kings, is somewhat muddled and ends with David, on his deathbed choosing Solomon to be his successor. The second narrative is in 1 Chronicles, which was a later rewrite of the Book of Kings and other books in the Deuteronomic history. Possibly recognising the problems inherent in the account in 1 Kings, the Chronicler simply has David, while still healthy and active, announce that God has chosen Solomon as his heir.Since Solomon had older brothers, it was not anticipated in the 1 Kings story that Solomon would ever be king, until David was near death, so there was no reason for David to prepare him to be king. The story in 1 Chronicles is more flexible, since David had some time, perhaps years, to prepare Solomon to be king, before his own death.

When did Solomon take David's place as king?

After his father, King David, dies in 970 BC, Solomon assumes the throne and reigns for 40 years, dying in 930 BC.

Are king David and king Solomon related?

Yes; Solomon was David's son.1 Kings 2:12 - Then Solomon sat on the throne of his father David; and his kingdom was firmly established.[NKJV]