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Is Direct Buy a good deal?

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Yes, direct buy is a great deal, but deliveries can sometimes take a little longer than stated.

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Is sims 3 a good game to buy for wii if you buy it for 20?

Yes, that's a good deal.

Where can a person buy Adidas socks?

There are a number of different retailers that stock Adidas socks. These include Amazon and Sports Direct. Another good option is eBay where one may be able to find a good deal.

Do you need credit to buy a house?

Not if you want a good deal. Unless you buy on contract from a seller.

Where can you purchase Windows RG Really Good Edition?

I think you have to buy it direct. Didn't it just come out? I think you have to buy it direct. Didn't it just come out?

Where may you buy groceries?

i like to by the groserie at cvs becaws they have a good groserie there and it have good deal.

How does direct buy offer a fair deal?

Direct Buy is a great place to save money because they offer prices direct from the manufacturer, they get rid of the middle man. To ensure you get the best prices you can compare the brand and model price with other retailers online doing a quick search!

What is a synonym for buy?

Synonyms for the verb are purchase or procure. The noun (good buy) has the synonyms a deal, a bargain, or a steal.

Whats the best deal on Satellite reciever package going on right now?

Direct TV has a good deal on a 4 room package right now.

Is it a good deal to buy a refurbished ipod?

I my opinion I think it is a good idea. You can buy the ipod that you want at a cheaper price than if you were to buy it in a store, and sometimes when you buy ipods refurbished you can get free stuff with it like a cover, USB cable compatible with a wall outlet, etc. It makes for a great deal to me.

Where can you buy a cheap ripstik?

I just bought a RipStik on and got a really good deal. Good luck!

Who is Diane of direct tv?

Diane is not a real person. It is a package deal for of course, direct tv. It is a satalite deal for 4 rooms.

Where can I find the best HDTV deals?

You can find a good deal on a HDTV at Best Buy. That is where I got my tv at and I got it for a really good deal. You could also check online with Amazon.

Where can one buy Latitude D610 battery online?

Need a new battery? A Dell Latitude D610 battery is available at many online retailers. You can buy direct from Dell, find a deal at Amazon, or go direct and purchase through a laptop battery dealer.

Is direct tire a good place to buy new tires?

From the reviews they are considered highly reliable.

Is giving your boss a fruit basket appropriate?

Well i know that on staples, they have a sale on how if you buy a notebook, you can get one hundred dollars back, its a pretty good deal. Also best buy has the same deal.

Is the 2002 Kia sportage with 55000 miles for 4700 a good deal?

dont buy a kia

What might prompt you to buy a car?

Needing one, having a good deal made available.

Is directV a good deal?

Yes. In storms, Direct TV is always the first to get reception back. In my opinion , Direct TV is more than worth the price you pay in the long run. (:

Where can one find a good deal on Continental tires?

Continental Tyres has sales in the Winter. If you buy them from a dealer in the winter time, you get a lower price. Also, they may have a buy one get one deal, or a percentage off.

What is the best way to get a good deal on a motor scooter?

The best way to get a good deal on a motor scooter is to buy from a dealer who specializes in scooters, or a motorcycle dealer. There are many brands of scooters out there which may look like a good deal, but fall short when it comes to reliability and parts support.

Can furniture be purchased from the direct buy website?

Yes. Direct Buy has furniture and other things. The best thing about buying from Direct Buy is that you can get a credit card there very easily, and you can buy cool stuff with it.

Does anyone know where I can buy Nike Air Presto Shoes online for a good deal?

There is a good website called It had the best deal I could find during my research of these shoes. They have them for a total of 76.80.

Where can one buy a direct mortgage from?

There are many places where one can buy a direct mortgage. One can buy a direct mortgage from popular on the web sources such as Capital One and Chase.

Does QVC sell proactive solution?

Yes, they do but you can buy it direct. Walgreen's knock-off is also good.

What website can you buy computer parts for cheap?

Tiger Direct has good prices. Remember you get exactly what you pay for.