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Is Elliot Beckett a girl?

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What does William Beckett like in a girl?

Not anything you have (:

Who plays Luke in Gossip Girl?

Luke Kleintank plays Elliot in "Gossip Girl".

Is Elliot from scrubs the girl from the big bang theory?

No Elliot- Scrubs= Sarah Chalke Penny- Big Bang Theory= Kaley Cuoco

In Missy Elliot videos who is the little girl?

her name is allyson stoner

Who is the little girl in missy Elliot work it video?

Alyson Stoner

Is Elliot a girl name?

No. But some people still use it as one.

Does paul McCartney have grandsons?

Yes. Arthur Alistair Donald, Elliot Donald, Simon Aboud, Sid Aboud, Miller Alasdhair James Willis and Beckett Robert Lee Willis

How do you spell beckett in hebrew?

Beckett = בקט

What is Beckett?

Beckett, is a Detective in ABC's show Castle. Full name: Kathrine Beckett

What is the name of the blonde girl in scrubs?

On the show her name is dr Elliot reid

What is the birth name of Beckett Bould?

Beckett Bould's birth name is William Beckett Bould.

Who is the girlfriend who accompanied Josh Beckett of the Boston Red Sox to the All Star game?

She's a girl from his hometown..

Does Beckett love castle?

Yes, Beckett loves Castle.

When was Fred Beckett born?

Fred Beckett was born in 1917.

When did Fred Beckett die?

Fred Beckett died in 1946.

When was Bob Beckett born?

Bob Beckett was born in 1936.

When was David Beckett born?

David Beckett was born in 1954.

When was Peter Beckett born?

Peter Beckett was born in 1948.

When was Isaac Beckett born?

Isaac Beckett was born in 1653.

When did Isaac Beckett die?

Isaac Beckett died in 1719.

When was Derry Beckett born?

Derry Beckett was born in 1918.

When did Richard Beckett die?

Richard Beckett died in 1809.

When was Richard Beckett born?

Richard Beckett was born in 1772.

When was Beckett Comics created?

Beckett Comics was created in 2002.

When did Rick Beckett die?

Rick Beckett died in 2009.

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