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No, sorry to disappoint you. Ellis and Liberty Islands are so close you can see one from the other, but they aren't the same island. Ellis Island is for immigrant museums. Watch the movie: the Titanic, and the ship that Rose is on in the rain is floating right between the two islands.

-Thanks for asking! Griffin.

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Why were immigrants sent through Ellis Island

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Q: Is Ellis Island and liberty island the same island?
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Is the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island the same thing?

No, the statue is on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. Ellis Island is where the immigrants came in.

What did Ellis island differ from Angel Island?

because the both island dont have the same immigration

What about Ellis Island and Angel Island are the same?

What is the value for a one dollar 1986 liberty coin worth of Ellis island?

Uncirculated and Proof versions of this coin were struck, but value is the same for both at $6.00

How did Germans get to Ellis Island?

Same way everyone came and that is by ship from Europe.

What is the name of the island that the statue of liberty stand on?

Liberty Islamd. . Eiffel, the same man who did the Eiffel Tower, designed it. The statue is made of copper metal pieces that are bolted together. It was shipped over in crates and put together on Liberty Island.

How did the experience of most Asian immigrants at Angel Island differ from that of Europeans at Ellis Island?

They were interviewed thoroughly, given physical examinations, and usually left the same day they arrived.

What was the main port of entry for immigration in the late 1800?

They came in from Ellis Island mainly. considering they were in the same ocean.(Atlantic)

Are bali and Jakarta on the same island?

no, they aren't in same island, bali named for the island itself, which jakarta located in Java island

Is tofino and Victoria are in the same island?

Yes, they are on the same island.

Is Eastern Island the same as Easter Island?


Where were immigrants processed on the east and west coasts?

Eastern Europeans were processed through Ellis Island, near the Statue of Liberty. About 98% of ALL immigrants made it through Ellis Island with no problems. The same could not be said for the Asians who came through the West Coast facility--Angel Island. Nearly ALL Asian immigrants came to America through the west coast processing center located on Angel Island, right by Alcatraz Island off the coast of San Francisco. Only about 65% of all Asians made it through the rigorous process on the west coast and many were delayed there for days, weeks or even months while the processing droaned on and on.

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