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England is a part of Great Britain which is the ninth largest island in the world.
No. England is part of the island of Great Britain which it shares with Wales and Scotland.

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Was England France or Spain an island?

England is an island.

Is England an Island or Peninsula?

England is part of the island of Great Britain. Scotland and Wales also share the same island with England.

Is England located on an island?

England is not itself an island, but is in on the island of Britain, along with Wales and Scotland.

What island is England on?

England shares the island of Britain with Scotland and Wales.

What island country is to the east of England?

There are no island states to the East of England.

Does England have island surrounding it?

England, Scotland and Wales are all part of the island of Britain.

Does England border France?

No, England is an island

When was England not an island how was it joined to mainland Europe as was?

England isn't an island - it has two land borders

What is the largest island in England?

As its an island, it can't be 'in' England, it has to be offshore. You may be thinking about the Isle of Wight.

Is England land bound or is it an island?

England is on the island of Great Britain, which it shares with Wales and Scotland.

Is Rhode Island a state of New England?

Yes, Rhode Island is located in New England.

Is England a conitent?

No, England is an island nation. It is in Europe.

Is Rhode Island part of New England?

No, Rhode Island is a state in the United States it's not in New England. but it is/was a New England Colony.

Is England a island peninsula or a continent?

Britain is an island which contains Scotland in the North, and England and Wales in the South.

On what island are England Wales?

England and Wales, along with Scotland, are on the island commonly known as Great Britain.

What island includes England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland?

No island includes those. England, Scotland and Wales are on the island of Britain. Northern Ireland is on the neighbouring island of Ireland.

Which island lies between England and Scotland?

England and Scotland share a land border, so there is no island that is between them.

Was England once a different island to Scotland?

No. England, Scotland and Wales have always shared the same island of Britain.

What two other countries share island with england?

The island of Great Britain is shared by England, Scotland and Wales.

England Scotland and Wales are on what island?

The Island of Great Britain.

Did CS Lewis live on an island?

CS Lewis lived in Ireland and in England. Ireland is an island. England is part of the island of Great Britain. So, yes, CS Lewis lived on an island.

How far is Liverpool Rhode Island from England?

Liverpool,new England and providence, Rhode Island about 3300 miles away

What is England?

England is a constituent country of the United Kingdom; it is located on the island of Great Britain (the largest island in the British Isles).

If England is a floating island all briges and tunnels will break true or false?

England is not a floating island --- it rests on bedrock.

Is Portsmouth an island in England?

NO!!! It's at the bottom of England near southhampton