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Environmental change is an inevitable consequence of development. Damage can be mitigated and reduced in most cases by careful planning, including green methods of building and species transplantation.

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Damage of the environment is an inevitable consequence of worldwide improvements in the standard of living?

for now yes, but generally this is the next step of our development, it pushes us to further development.

When is the nervous system most susceptible to damage by environmental factors during the development of the embryo?

during the cleavage stage

How much environmental damage does an Airbus do?

They do no environmental damage. They are quiet and fuel- efficient.

What are the main causes of environmental damage?

There are very many causes for environmental damage. Global warming and pollution are the two main causes of environmental damage.

What are the environmental damage of the savannas biomes?

One example of environmental damage found in the savanna biome is grazing. Deforestation and climate change are also two reasons there may be environmental damage in the savanna.

What is the advantage of hiring a geotechnical engineering in a development project?

Ensuring the safety of any development project is important. In order to come up if a well-structured construction project, an environmental construction design is necessary to prevent any environmental hazards, damage and cost. A highly qualified geotechnical engineer can conduct site investigation and supply environmental reports and safety recommendations that will help prevent damage and problems. Environmental engineering experts like can supply environmental reports and reliable geotechnical services for a successful construction project.

What does the future hold with regard to further environmental damage?

With further environmental damage, the future holds total destruction to our planet.

What physical damage and environmental effects resulted in hurricane Katrina?

what physical damage and environmental effects resulted in hurrican katrina

What caused environmental damage in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan has had some environmental damage because irrigation has caused the Aral Sea to shrink.

What damage does logging trees impact?

Environmental damage is one of them, physical damage is the other.

Why does brain damage due to injuries diseases or birth defects have such a serious consequence on your lives?

Their damage is irreversible.

What is an example of a teratogen?

A teratogen is any environmental factor that can cause damage during prenatal development. An example of a teratogen would be tobacco or alcohol use during pregnancy.

What Environmental damage is in the chaparral biome?


What is the definition of environmental marketing?

environmental marketing is the marketing of products that are Eco friendly and do not damage the environment

What has the author Ramprasad Sengupta written?

Ramprasad Sengupta has written: 'Health damage cost of automotive air pollution' -- subject(s): Air, Automobiles, Economic aspects, Environmental aspects of Automobiles, Pollution, Prevention, Urban ecology (Sociology), Urban health 'Ecology and economics' -- subject(s): Economic development, Environmental aspects of Economic development, Human ecology, Sustainable development

What kind of protection do environmental insurance plans provide?

Environmental insurance protects (mainly) businesses against loss from breaking environmental regulations or causing environmental damage.

What health consequence is most likely to result from alcohol abuse?

Liver Damage

Does it cause your environment damage?

I'll provide a link, but no, it causes very little environmental damage.

What is the environmental damage limestone extraction?

it is were people damage the landscape with mines andd things <3 :)

What part of cable protects it against environmental damage?

the rubber casing on the outside of the cable is what protects it from damage.

What are some things that cause environmental damage to a coniferous forest?

the coniferous forest is damage by dragon and UFO

What part of a cable protects it against environmental damage?


What are main causes of environmental damage to deciduous forest?

by the wind

What is the environmental impact of of mining bauxite?

damage to the surrounding people

What kinds of environmental damage are caused by the extraction of minerals?

One of the environmental damages regards pollution of the air around the mine. Another damage regards a change in the soil composition in the area.

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