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Is First Plus Platinum a real credit card offer?


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September 13, 2011 2:02AM

This is not a VISA or a MASTERCARD. It is a shopping card, or a Line of Credit to be used at one store.

Be careful when enrolling, as you will find yourself signed up with additional services- ID Watchdog and VCOMM.

  • I received an email looking like an offer for credit. My mistake in filling out the application was not reading the fine print. Next thing I knew I owed First Plus Platinum $39.95, ID Watchdog $19.95 and VComm $12.95. Very Very deceiving because it looks like a credit card, but the small print refers to purchasing merchandise.
  • There are thousands and thousands of people who feel they were tricked and deceived. Perhaps they neglected to read the offer. The few state attorney's who are currently investigating this program have all used the word "scam"

Global Gold Inc. in Las Vegas using the names First National Gold and First Plus Platinum work with ID Watchdog in Denver to build monthly memberships and revenue streams through a marketing plan that has left a number of unsuspecting people with empty bank accounts.

You may certainly call this what you like, but I think the legal system will be providing the necessary terms and definitions quite soon.

Global Gold, First National Gold, First Plus Platinum, First Universal Platinum

Global Gold aka First National Gold aka First Plus Platinum aka First Universal Platinum aka AWBC (Approvals With Bad Credit) is a total scam. This is the reason the company goes by so many different names. If you look they all have the in their online address. They are a Rip-Off. They make you believe you are paying $2.78 for a credit account, but they hide a bunch of hidden charges at the bottom of the page, most of the time with a size 6 or 8 font. There is not even a check box that you have seen the other add on offers. They will automatically charge you for VComm voice mail service and ID Watchdog. So check your accounts, because most likely there are charges there. These products are not even in the Terms and Conditions but hidden at the bottom of the screen, way below the submit button. I believe that all 3 of these things are actually the same company hiding behind other names. I have taken screen shots of all 4 of these sites and I have filed complaints with the BBB and FTC. I promise I will not stop fighting until I see justice for these liars. They use misleading advertising, which will be prosecuted by the FTC. If you feel like you were frauded or scammed by these guys I urge you to complain to the FTC. or call 1-877-382-4357, or you can also contact Raymond E. McKown, FTC Western Region, Los Angeles 310-824-4325
  • This scam is ran out of the Philippines by Mark Bullock,Daniel J. Sullivan both former owners of Rick Crosby is the mastermind behind this outfit (RCA credit another one of his scams) all being overseen by a porn multimedia wizkid Deepak agarwal (, these are his clean sites)

Florida Limited Liability Company


Daniel J. Sullivan

Deepak Agarwal

CEO and President


Crosby, Rick []

The "First Platinum Plus" card is not a credit card. You can only shop from their catalog and website, and only for outrageously overpriced junk. A classic ripoff.

Companies like this prey on people they believe to have bad credit because they assume all people with bad credit are fools. Don't be a fool! If you need a credit card get a regular secured Visa card with no or minimal fees, and never get one with an application or initiation fee.

This company doesn't tell you what the real deal is until they have got you in the door with your credit card securely charged. I luckily did not buy into the hype and spent about an hour doing some backdoor investigation myself. What I came to find is that you are given a catalog with thousands of different items to choose from, everything from watches to grandfather clocks, jewelry, shoes, household furnishings, pots and pans, and lots more. What don't they tell you? Well, to start, they don't tell you that you will have to make a deposit on each of your items before they will charge the remaining balance to your card that you have with them. And, for the unlucky few that are out there thinking that this catalog offers good prices on their items, HA! Buyer BEWARE!!! Just check out this item that I copy and pasted directly from their catalog online! I have seen similar flash drives for about $10-$20 tops. This one item alone speaks volumes for the rest of the items that I saw. This program is NOT a good deal and I hope anyone considering this company First Plus Platinum takes a few minutes to do some of the same investigation that I did. In fact, if you wanted to buy this VERY SAME flash drive online, just Google "PNY Technologies 512 Flash Drive" and you will see that you can buy this EXACT same unit for about $20 tops at many online retailers.

PNY Technologies Attach Portable USB Flash Drive

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 08 November, 2006. $199.95 $69.98 Down payment Required

$129.97 applied to your Line Of Credit!

  • Compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1
  • Transfers data up to 40x faster than standard USB 1.1
  • 512MB storage capacity
  • Okay, first of all. Why is it that they are giving this offer away to anyone to fill out and be approved for? I do not think a credit card company is in their right mind when they just approve any individual for a 7,500 line of credit. So get it right, I'm mad then a mother sucker because..... first plus platinum is tricking me. I'm getting excited because it makes better sense then other companies what they offer, except that you can not shop outside of their store....NO! I wanna go straight to target, macy's,,, kohls, pier 1 imports, **EBAY** and MY CAR NEEDS GAS. HELLO! So, to first plus platinum....whoever told you to go around deceiving people should've told you that ME, Shanae Bennett from Wilmington, DE is not wrapped real tight and I'm a supershopper that's knocking down your credit line you tricksters.

Technically, YES!, this is a scam and fraudulent offer. First, you WILL be charged a hefty monthly membership fee (from 19.95 to 39.95USD) which amounts to a annual membership fee of just under from 240 to 480USD!!!!! I'd surely call this a rip-off and complete fraud!

Secondly, you may only purchase products from First Plus. I am in the process of trying to verify what type of items are for sale through First Plus, and whether or not the prices are excessive or good.

Simply, this is a SCAM preying on poor people! Avoid it at all costs! Even loan-sharking credit card companies charge fees less than First Plus, however, they usually charge outrageous interest rates (usually 25-30 percent or more!) I have not enrolled; looking for information from anyone who has.