Mohandas Gandhi

Is Gandhi a hero?

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Gandhi was hero to his people because he restored independence.

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Was Gandhi a hero or not?

He was a hero to most of the Indian people by breaking the British rule of his country.

Was Mahatma Gandhi a hero or a villain?

Without a doubt a hero, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a revolutionary, a fighter of racism, and probably the biggest reason India isn't owned by the British anymore.

How Gandhi become a great hero?

he became a great hero because he brought peace to the middle east that is how he became a great hero

Why did Mohandas Gandhi become a hero?

he brought peace to the east

Why is Gandhi a hero?

Because he promoted independence over the British umpire.

Why was Gandhi called mahatma?

Mohandas Gandhi was called "Mahatma" because the common people who viewed him as India's national hero and spiritual leader.

Why is mahatma gandhi an hero?

He brought independence to India and helped free the "untouchables".

Is Gandhi an Indian hero?

yes because he made peace throughout India

What did Gandhi do before he became a hero?

He would not have regarded himself as a hero and being a hero is not what you do it is what you are (in the eyes of others). Therefore he did the same things after others began to revere him as he did before.

What has a country with a hero named mahatma?

The country that has a hero who is named Mahatma might be the country of India. Mahatma Gandhi is sometimes called the father of India and is considered to be a hero.

Us president obama said his real hero is?

U S President Barak Obama said his real hero is : Mahatma Gandhi

What makes Mohandas Gandhi a hero?

Because he was cool man and very good boy

How many people has Gandhi helped?

Loads. When Gandhi was alive he helped people. Even after his death people follow him and have turned good. He is one of my hero and he's inspired me a lot.

What adjectives describe Mahanta Gandhi?

Hero, humble, peaceful, wise, spiritual, honorific, ethical, modest, simple, courageous, uniting, and inspirational all describe Mahanta Gandhi.

What part did religion play in making gandhi a hero?

i think most of the citizens in the U.S. do belive in god.

What good things did Gandhi do?

Gandhi gave India independance after all the other countries looking down on it. Although he got imprisoned for his hero work many times he never gave up and in the end he got there. Gandhi is Indias most influencal person.

Why did Mohandas Gandhi fight for freedom?

because he was not selfish and he wanted to fight for freedom for his country and he wanted to die as a hero

Is Mohandas Gandhi considered a hero?

sort of. he set the ground work for many other civil rights leaders.

Who was Martin Luther King Jr's mentor or hero?

Mahatma Gandhi and Benjamin Mays were mentors of the great Martin Luther King.

Gandhi was regarded as a hero and leader by Indians they called him?

he was known as the father of the nation and he was lovings called bappu by the indians; hope that helped

Who was Mohandas Gandhi and what were his achievements?

Mohandas Gandhi is a Hero of his country. He is a pride of India. Mohandas Gandhi led this British colony to independence. Gandhi called for civil disobedience--the breaking of a law on purpose in order to protest it. He urged people to protest without using force-- to be nonviolent. He helped Indians find ways to reduce their dependence on Britain. India won its independence in 1947.

How many sons and daughters does Gandhi have and their names?

Indira Gandhi Sanjay Gandhi Feroz Gandhi Rajiv Gandhi Sonia Gandhi Rahul Gandhi Priyanka Gandhi

Is feroze gandhi by birth an gandhi?

Yes Feroze Gandhi is a Gandhi, but he is not related to Mahtma Gandhi in anyway , he is the husband of Indira Gandhi.

Rajeev Gandhi is what relation to Mohandas Gandhi?

Mahatma gandhi and Rajeev gandhi are no where related. Rajeev gandhi is the son of Indira gandhi.

What is a national hero?

A national hero is someone who helps to make a major and positive change to a country, and becomes well-known (and admired) for doing so. We might say that Mahatma Gandhi became a national hero in India, or Martin Luther King became one the United States.

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