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Geminis are human. Humans can be bad. Therefore some Geminis can be bad.

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Q: Is Gemini bad
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Is it bad for an Aquarius and a Gemini to be in a relationship?

in my opinion, no. i don't believe in astrology.

When was I Am Gemini created?

I Am Gemini was created in 2012.

June 8 is it a cancer or Gemini?


What does Gemini stands for?

Gemini stands for "The Twins".

What is Gemini made of?

Gemini is an Air sign.

What zodiac sign is for May27?


How do you say Gemini in Swahili?

Gemini = Mapacha

Who was on the Gemini project?

Here is a complete list of the astronauts who flew on project Gemini Gemini 3 - Gus Grissom & John Young Gemini 4 - Jim McDivitt & Ed White Gemini 5 - Gordon Cooper & Charles Conrad Gemini 6 - Wally Schirra & Tom Stafford Gemini 7 - Frank Borman & Jim Lovell Gemini 8 - Neil Armstrong & Dave Scott Gemini 9 - Stafford & Gene Cernan Gemini 10 - Young & Michael Collins Gemini 11 - Conrad & Richard Gordon Gemini 12 - Lovell & Buzz Aldrin

What is the birth name of Gemini Barnett?

Gemini Barnett's birth name is Gemini Cea Barnett.

Why are the Gemini spacecrafts called Gemini?

Because they carried two people - like Gemini the twins.

When did project Gemini end?

Gemini XII was the last Gemini flight, and occurred on November 11-15, 1966. This was the tenth manned Gemini mission.

If you were born 29th of May are you a Gemini or Taurus?