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Is George Lopez constance Marie husband?

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Constance MarieConstance Marie Lopez

she is the best charachter in george lopez

yes george really kiss constance Marie on espido 90280280

Constance Marie plays Angie

Constance Marie Lopez is 51 years old (birthdate: September 9, 1965). (she is not related to George Lopez, but played his wife "Angie Lopez")

Constance Marie is her real name

Angie Lopez. Constance Marie as her real name.

Constance Marie is know for her role as Angie on George Lopez

no they ARE NOT married they are only on tv

No they are not. It's a role they play.

no i think that they are 1/2 cousins

well i looked up Constance Marie on imdb and it said that her birth name is Constance Marie Lopez so i think that they are 2nd cousins because they kissed on the show so i don'teally know i think

Her name in real life is Constance Marie

George Lopez and Constance Marie played married characters George Lopez and Angie Lopez on "The George Lopez Show." When they kissed, they really were kissing on the mouth.

Constance Marie Lopez, who also played the mother of Selena in the movie Selena Marcelina Quintanilla.

Yes she does i George Lopez she squats down and u can see her thong.

Angie Lopezes real name in George Lopez is Constance Marie

yes,she is.i saw her writing left handed on george lopez.

She is of Mexican descent. Her birth name is Constance Marie Lopez.

No, George is single. He isn't married to Ann Serrano. They filed for divorce in 2010. But Constance Marie is still married.

Several of the stars of American sitcom 'George Lopez' are George Lopez, Constance Marie, Valente Rodriguez, and Luis Armand Garcia. The show debuted on March 27, 2002, and ended on May 8, 2007.

George Lopez: George Lopez Constance Marie: Angie Lopez Luis Armand Garcia: Max Lopez Masiela Lusha: Carmen Lopez Valente Rodrigez: Ernie Cardenas Emiliano Diaz: Vic Palmero Belita Moreno: Benny Lopez

George Lopez - George Lopez Constance Marie - Angie Lopez Masiela Lusha - Carmen Lopez Valente Rodriguez - Ernie Cardenas Luis Armand Garcia - Max Lopez Aimee Garcia - Veronica Palmero Emiliano Diez - Vic Palmero Belita Moreno - Benny Lopez

I think that they are related they got to be how many shows have they been on together