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Is George Lucas going to make another Star Wars movie?

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in 2012 or sooner sw3d will come out .................S W 3 D

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Is George Lucas going to make another Star Wars movie after The Force Awakens?

Lucas didn't make The Force Awakens as your question implies but No, Lucas is not making anymore Star Wars movies.

George lucas talk of new Star Wars movie to be made?

he is going to re-do them in 3d

What was the last film directed by George Lucas?

The last movie directed by George Lucas was the 1977 movie titled Star Wars.

Did george lucas write a transformers movie?


Does George Lucas going to making another Star Wars movie?

Maybe. George Lucas is may make another Star Wars movie.In the process of making the fourth one he did create two whole other scripts for two other Star Wars films he released a preview of them at a Star Wars convention. At the convention he stated that he was going to release them in the near future but it is uncertain when he will release them.

Is there going tobe an Indiana Jones 5?

Yes there is, George Lucas is going to be a new one. George Lucas is looking for cast members, and trying to come up with a plot for the movie. Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones, Shia LeBouf ,and his son Mutt, will come out.

Who is reponsible for the Star Wars movie?

George Lucas

What is used in every george lucas movie?


Who made the movie Star Wars?

George Lucas

What 1981 movie did George Lucas and Steven Spielberg create?

The 1981 movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark" was directed by Steven Spielberg and co-written by George Lucas.

When is a audions of Star Wars movie?

George Lucas DID say that he might make another trilogy, but that wont be for a long time.

Who were the producers of the movie Willow?

The movie Willow was produced a team which includes George Lucas, Joe Johnston and Nigel Wooll. The movie was based on a story from George Lucas and was directed by Ron Howard.

Is george lucas is going to make a new movie of star wars?

There have been countless rumors about this, but personally, I don't think so.

What is the seventh star wars movie going to be about?

They haven't officially released anything about it but George Lucas has signed over rights to Disney.

What was george lucas' first movie?

George Lucas`s first movie was Star Wars A New Hope Sincerely, Nate Krause 10 years old ;)

What is George Lucas favorite movie?

the land before time

Who owns the movie Star Wars?

Lucasfilm and George Lucas

Who is the creator of star wars movie series?

George Lucas

Is George Lucas going to make another Star Wars movie that is NOT a cartoon?

he originally promiced 9 movies (3 trilogies) but he has said he has no intention of writing new star wars movies in the near-by future

Do you think another Star Wars movie will be made?

No, George Lucas has said he won't. Anyway,it has been a long time since the last movie so... probably not.

Who made the Star Wars movie a new hope?

George Lucas did.

Did george lucas retire?

His last movie will be Red Tails, he will retire.

What is george lucas next movie?

star wars 7 legacy

Does George Lucas have any part in the new Star Wars movie?

No he does not

What movie did George Lucas produce?

George Lucas produced all of the Indiana Jones movies and all of the star wars movies.

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