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Is Google Chrome better than Internet Explorer in your opinion?

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"Better" is a relative term; some may prefer one browser while

others prefer another. However, to help you decide, here are some

differences between the two.

Google Chrome is supposed to be based on the same rendering

engine as Apple's Safari web browser, which many people do indeed

say runs better/faster than Internet Explorer. It also performs

better on the Acid3 rendering test than Internet Explorer.

In terms of features, Google Chrome has tools to work with web

applications in their own windows and even putting shortcuts to

those web apps on the computer. Internet Explorer is a more

traditional browser which includes a search bar in the toolbar and

more program options. In Google Chrome, there is one big box for

both web addresses and Google search, as opposed to IE 8 which has

two separate boxes for the same purpose. There is also more room to

view the page in Google Chrome, as the File, Edit, etc. toolbar has

been replaced with just two options: "Page" and "Wrench" menus with

all the same commands. The tabs are displayed in the very very top

of the screen where normally the title goes, and the status bar on

the bottom is smallest and pops up only when needed so as to

maximize space. In IE, it is fixed there.

One of the most interesting and unique aspects of the Google

Chrome browser is how it works behind the scenes. It uses multiple

processes, similar to an operating system, so if a java web app

would slow down the browser or something would cause a crash, only

a single tab is effected and everything else keeps working. Another

thing is that it uses a new "V8" tool for working with Java to

increase performance.

Internet Explorer is part of Windows and may launch faster, but

performance is not much difference between the two, aside from the

fact that having Java run quickly is an important aspect of Chrome.

In terms of the interface, Chrome is highly simplistic yet draws

elements of its GUI from both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

In conclusion, the browsers are different and it's hard to say

if one is better than the other. Depending on your personal

preferences, you may see it either way.

In comparison, Internet Explorer has been proven much less

powerful and is less supportive of such things as CSS3 3D

Rendering. While Chrome and Firefox keep up with it. I feel like,

personally, Chrome has a more simplicitic design and it less

box-like as Firefox. Though both runs exceptionally fast, Chrome

usually runs slightly faster. However, in Firefox, you're given

more options in extensions that are more "tech" oriented. But, as a

tech, I've rarely needed the things in Firefox that Chrome doesn't

have. If you're an average user, hell, even a tech, Chrome is

generally a better browser in terms of looks and speed, along with

how it handles it extensions. Just try Google Chrome out and

compare it to other browsers to see which you like and which is

fastest for you.

In the answer above, you see that it could be just as valid to

say that IE is better or that Chrome is better. However, in my

opinion, and in the opinion of most "techies," Firefox is the best

browser choice, Internet Explorer is one of the worst, and Chrome

is somewhere in between.

Although it may be said that Google Chrome does have simpler

features and a "different" approach to browsing, from experience it

seems to run much quicker. It can be said that features of security

for Google Chrome is much better, and it is more reliable. Firefox

is moderate and Internet Explorer is just simply trash.

When I tried the beta version of Chrome, it had a bug where the

searchbar would freeze and it wouldn't let me type. They may have

fixed that now though. Personally I disagree with the "techie"

opinion because with my old computer (which was ancient) Firefox

was actually slower than IE, although I did like the web developing

tools. Safari in my opinion was absolute crap; it made Firefox seem

heavenly on that old junker. Maybe with a brand new top-of-the-line

machine it works faster, but it will drain your RAM. Overall, IE is

the most stable web browser, but Chrome was much faster when it was

actually working... But if they have a new version of Chrome it may

be better than IE.

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