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Google recently stopped support for Street View in versions of Google Earth older than 6.0. This means that Google Earth 5.1, 5.2, and older no longer access the Street View layer.

Google announced that with the most recent update to Google Earth (6.2), it finalized the transition to a new method of delivering Street View imagery in Google Earth and dropped the older method of delivery in older versions of Google Earth (anything before 6.0).

Download the latest Google Earth version to access the Street View imagery and other new features at related link below.

Note the new preview version of Google Maps had removed the Orange "pegman" icon used to activate Street View, which made many users report that Street View was broken. The "pegman" icon has been recently added back due to popular demand.

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Are you in a picture on Google Street View?

Were you in one? Google Street View is still working in Germany but after winter I'm gonna show the peace sign to Google street view car!

How old are the images on Google street view?

From my view google earth chenges the street view every year..

When was Google Street View created?

Google Street View was created on 2007-05-25.

When was Google Street View in Canada created?

Google Street View in Canada was created in 2009.

What site can you view street view?

Google Maps from the web browser and Google Earth from the desktop can view Street View. you can also view traffic.

Who invented Street View?

Google Street View is a technology featured in Google Maps and Google Earth launched in 2007.

Who pays for Google Street View?


When was Google Street View made?

Street View was launched in May 2007.

How can you update photos at Street View?

When Google updates it street view photos in its image database then these updates are made available to Google Maps and Google Earth.

What type of camera is used to make Google Street View?

The Dodeca 2360 camera is the camera Google Street View uses.

How do you block Street View?

You can opt out of Google's Street View or request to remove and/or further blur images in Street View.Just follow these steps:Locate the image in Street View from Google Maps or Google Earth.Click "Report a problem" in the bottom of the image window.Complete the form and click "Submit."If Google blurs the imagery then you cannot request to unblur later so the change is permanent.Related resources:Google Street View Privacy and Blurring policyGoogle Street View privacy concerns(wikipedia)

How does google make street view?

How does google maps get their street view photos?

Street view photos are taken by Google-enabled cars and vans that drive through the pubic streets.

How do you get to street view on Bing maps?

by google map or google earth

How do you use Street View on Google Earth?

In Google Earth v6 you drag the new orange "pegman" icon (found near the navigation controls) onto the map to enter Street View. As of Jan 2012 Google has discontinued Street View support in Google Earth 5.2 and earlier.

How do you use Google Street View?

Accessing Street View depends somewhat on whether you're using it from Google Maps or Google Earth.Street View in Google Maps:Drag the orange "pegman" icon from the navigation control (on upper-left corner) onto the map to enter Street View mode. If blue lines appear on the map then those lines indicate where street view is available [not all areas have street view].Street View in Google Earth 6 and 7:Drag the orange "pegman" icon from the navigation control (on upper-right corner) onto the map to enter Street View mode. Also if you're looking at ground from low altitude then double-click on a building or ground to enter nearest Street View photo from that location.Street View in Google Earth 5:Check the Street View layer under Layers panel then double click on photo icons that appear on the map.For tips to navigate in Street View see related links for video tutorials.

Why can't i street view in Mexico in Google Maps?

You can, but it is a rather new functionality added to Google Maps / Google Earth, and at the moment, the street view is only available for major avenues and roads.

How do you get street view on Google Maps?

Street View in Google Maps:Drag the orange "pegman" icon from the navigation control onto the map to enter Street View mode. If blue lines appear on the map then those lines indicate where street view is available [not all areas have street view].Also, in the new Google Maps interface when you double-click on the map or a placemark the pop-up window sometimes contains a Street view button.For more help visit Google's Street View Help Center (in related links below).

Where do I get a street view other than Google?

on Google earth but you have to download it first

Is Google street view available in Morocco?

Not yet

How did Google get all the 'street view' photography?

See the related links for a picture of a Google Street View car. The picture should answer the question. And yes, they literally did drive these or something very like them down every street for which there are street view images.

Can you walk in Google Earth?

The new Google Earth 6.0 and 6.1 versions have a new ground level view working in parallel to the Street View mode. In this mode you can "walk" around at ground level seeing either Street View imagery or 3-D buildings. You can toggle between Street View and ground-level with a click on an icon. You move with the up/down arrow keys or the mouse. Note that not all areas with have Street View imagery and/or 3-D buildings.

What is the maximum resolution of Google Street View?

Some of resolution of pictures on Google Street View is higher than other pictures. Some pictures feature resolution from five years ago, for example and that is already outdated. The exact maximum resolution of Google Street View is not disclosed.

How does Google Maps get the street view for the maps?

According to Google Maps's behind the scenes website, there are Google Maps cars that drive around with cameras and other equipment mounted on them. These cars constantly take pictures of where they drive. These pictures are what you see on Google's street view. Google has been mapping street view in the United States since 2007, and has even started doing street view in other countries.

When would it be useful to use Google Maps Street View?

It would be useful to use Google Maps Street view when you are looking for an address and directions on how to get to that address. Looking at a street view will give you a better idea of the location of the address in question.