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Is Guitar Hero similar to playing real Guitar?

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No not really.

It does NOT teach you at all to play the guitar in any way, real Guitars have strings and you have to press down on different strings and strum on different strings, on Guitar Hero press buttons and flip switches, that's all

No, I'm trying to learn how to play real guitar, and guitar hero is not helping me.

No it doesn't help you at all if you wanna get faster at it play more often and if you don't know what a hammer on is look it up so don't waste your time trying

No not at all. it is completely different from a guitar.

No, not even nearly. a guitar hero controller is basically like pressing coloured buttons while moving a switch

2011-04-29 15:04:20
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Will playing Guitar Hero help you play the real guitar?

well it can help in finger coordination there is more to playing a real guitar then pressing a few buttons. Even so , finger coordination is a small part, in all honesty playing real guitar is more rewarding , and after all guitar hero is a game! Yes it does, but do you know how to play the real guitar?

Is Guitar Hero harder than playing the real guitar?

nope.... i wouldn't think so as i can play songs easily on guitar hero that i wouldn't even know the first note of on a real guitar

How do you use guitar hero drums to play real drums?

You cannot use a real drum set with Guitar Hero.

Is Guitar Hero Skillet real?

Yes, it is real. A fan made a Guitar Hero for Skillet and gave it to John Cooper as a gift. However, a Guitar Hero Skillet has not been released to the public.

Can Guitar Hero for the PS2 teach you some stuff about playing real guitar?

No. But it can help you understand rhythm and the ...concept... of hitting a string while changing fret-hand position. ---- It can also teach you how to hold the guitar, which is very important to playing. Other than that, Guitar Hero doesn't teach you much about learning guitar.

Is through the fire and flamesharder on real guitar or Guitar Hero?

I would assume (because there are so little notes to hit on Guitar Hero) that real guitar would be much harder.

Does Guitar Hero help you play guitar?

No, because Guitar Hero is a video game with 5 buttons. If you wish to learn Guitar, I suggest getting a REAL GUITAR.

Can you but the Guitar Hero guitar plug in separately from the guitar itself?

play real music

How can you get guitar notes for Guitar Hero?

If you mean real guitar. Then i have a site that is very popular. A lot of people use it. Its called and i used it when i first started playing guitar. very easy to use.

Can you use a Guitar Hero guitar in rock band?

No, it is not a real guitar, and makes no sound of its own.

Do you need an guitar for playing Guitar Hero for the wii?

yes, you need a wii-remote guitar, but you do not need a real guitar. You can buy a wii-remote guitar anywhere, like F.Y.E., Best Buy, Target, Walmart, etc.

Is guitar hero crush 40 real?

No, but it should be.

Why when searching guitar on hereare there minimal questions on real guitar and a ridiculous amount on that POS guitar hero?

People now think its really cool playing guitar hero and guitar hero is basically taking over the guitar world (makes me angry) the down side is there will be more guitarists leading to more bands which will lead to an even smaller chance for current musicians (like myself) to be famous

What is the difference of Guitar Hero 2 and Guiter Hero 3?

Guitar hero2 does not support online play for any console. Guitar hero anyway does support online battles (pvp). Guitar hero 3 has better songs and is the first game to have a real -life based storyline Verdict :Guitar hero 3 rocks

Is Guitar Hero a sport?

No, Guitar Hero is just a game that many people enjoy playing. It's basically like a game on Wii Sports, it isn't a real sport, it's just a game that you can play that is like the actual sport.

Is izzy sparks a real person?

no he is a guitar hero character.

Is slash from Guitar Hero real?

Yes he is real and most REAL guitar players know him for different songs including "Sweet child of mine" he was the lead guitar of Guns and Roses.

Do you need a guitar for Guitar Hero?

No. The Guitar Hero game comes with a guitar-like electronic controller, but no real guitar is needed to play the game. But you'd be a lot cooler if you could actually play the guitar and not just a video game

What does air guitar mean in Guitar Hero world tour?

It means that the band on screen play air guitar rather tham real guitar

What is the real name of guitar battle vs Lou from Guitar Hero 3?

The Devil went down to Georgia

Learn to Be a Real Guitar Hero?

Believe it or not, the fake bass and guitar playing of Guitar Hero has been linked to improved performance on real guitars. A study by the University of Rochester compared the performance of novice guitar players who were Guitar Hero regulars to novice guitar players who did not play the game. Novice guitar players who were Guitar Hero regulars were shown to grasp lessons more quickly, both intellectual and muscle memory based.Guitar Hero players had a much easier time learning scales, achieving complete playthroughs without mistakes in half the time of the non Guitar Hero players. The Guitar Hero gamers were also shown to have increased aptitude in finding and remembering chord fingerings.The lesson? Even playing a fake guitar develops the portions of the mind used in learning an instrument."The fact that the guitar used in the game Guitar Hero is not an instrument in the traditional sense does not negate the fact that it is an instrument," lead researcher Dr. Tate Yolunder said to interviewers. "The fact is, you have to have the same discipline, timing, and focus to correctly play the Guitar Hero guitar that you need to have to play a traditional guitar."This has interesting implications for parents of children everywhere looking for a suitable pasttime for their ADD ridden kids. Kids who hate taking lessons would gladly play Guitar Hero with their friends, which means that they would actually be learning an instrument, albeit one that could only be played for that particular game.However, the skills developed could lead to an easier transition into musical proclivities later, say researchers. The habits that are formed playing Guitar Hero definitely develop a discipline that can be used in other areas.The bottom line? Parents of bad kids need to plop them down in front of the TV set after all. It is too bad that no one has come up with a similar solution for math and science!

Are all the people from Guitar Hero real people?

No, Pandora's a fictional character

Is Midori from Guitar Hero Real?

She is true but she isn't a Guitar player I mean she can play the guitar but she is a violinist. i looked her up and it came to be that she is a violinist. I was surprised but that is who she is. :)

Can you play real guitar like Guitar Hero?

No. I will explain why. A guitar has 6 x (about) 22 fretting points (6 strings with 22 frets) which gives you 132 things to press separately if you press down only one at a time. On a guitar hero controller you have five buttons which result in about 32 combinations if you press ANY amount of buttons. Thus, as you can see, it is much more complicated to play a real guitar than the guitar hero controller. The only thing guitar hero teaches you is how to maintain a certain rythm and how to keep your head if you fretted the wrong note during a complicated solo. Certainly not how to play a real guitar.

Are characters in Guitar Hero real people?

yes because the have the rock band kiss