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Well, a mast majority of the staff and students are liberal, but the school itself doesn't lean to one political side when admitting new students.

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Q: Is Harvard too liberal
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What is a ALM from Harvard?

A.L.M is a Master in Liberal Arts which is awarded by the Harvard University Extension School

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What was the first private US university to introduce science classes into its classical liberal arts program?

Harvard became the first private university to introduce a set of science courses into its liberal arts studies. The interest in science and inventions that developed during the US War provided Harvard with the idea of bringing the sciences into its liberal arts programs. The curriculum was in place before the war ended in 1865.

Where did Arne Duncan go to college?

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i want a master's in liberal arts.?

So many schools offer master's in liberal arts. Wellesley is a very well-ranked liberal arts school (for just women however). Most schools that offer a liberal arts in general will have programs for master's such as Harvard, UChicago, and Stanford.

What is the Best sports at Harvard?

It's probaby Crew, based on Harvard being up near the top of the national ranking every year. However, Harvard has been nationally ranked in Divsion 1-aa for football too.

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Yes, Harvard has not only athletic sports but recreational sports too. Some sports might include Basketball, Football, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Golf, Waterpolo, and Lacrosse.

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What was the purpose of Newt Gingrinch's Contract With America?

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Who is better for sports Yale or Harvard?

Yale IMO since they have a good program & you can get tapped by the Skulls too.

When was Harvard opened?

Harvard was founded in 1636. It was renamed Harvard after John Harvard donated his personal library to the fledgling school.

Where is the picture of Harvard Mark1?


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The Harvard sports teams are known as the Harvard Crimson. However, the mascot is John Harvard. He appears as a large pilgrim wearing a Harvard jersey.

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Harvard is a college

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No. Harvard University is a university, not a college. Harvard College is part of Harvard University, however.

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The address of the Harvard Public Library is: 4 Pond Rd., Harvard, 01451 1647

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He asked Elinor Miriam White to marry him but she said after she finishes college, they then got married at Harvard University where he attended liberal arts for two years. Hope this helps!