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No. Hawaii is a group of small islands, and is the 43rd largest state in total area. Alaska is the largest US state, with nearly 90 times the land area of Hawaii,

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Alaska, but Hawaii has a larger population.

Yes the u.s.a is bigger than brazil. Because of alaska, hawaii, and puerto rico.

US is bigger than Brazil only if you consider to be part of the American territory lands that are not actually within the boundaries of the United States, such as Alaska and Hawaii. NO IM WRONG IM STUPID BRAZIL IS BIGGER THAN US INFACT ITS LARGER THAN MY. MOTHERS STOUMACH alaska and Hawaii are not territory lands, they are states. Adding Alaska and Hawaii is not an "option", because they are part of the US, and the US is bigger than Brazil. US is bigger than Brazil only because *it is*.

Yes. Alaska (largest US state) has nearly 90 times the land area of Hawaii (43rd largest in total area).

Alaska is much bigger than Denmark. However, Denmark also can include Greenland, which is bigger than Alaska.

greenland is bigger than alaska

Hawaii has a greater population than Alaska.

NO! Hawaii was founded later than Alaska.

There are more ranches found on Hawaii than Alaska.

No. Alaska is bigger (larger in area) than California..Alaska and Texas are both larger states than California.California is "bigger" than Alaska based on population - it is more populous.

No. Alaska is over 20 times bigger than Ireland.

Although Brazil is territorially bigger than the 48 contiguous states of U.S.A., it is not when including Alaska, and Hawaii.

Yes, Alaska is bigger than Illinois. Alaska is the biggest state in the United States of America.

technically, with all of Alaska's islands, Alaska is bigger than Texas.

Alaska is bigger than Texas. It doesnt look like it on the maps, but it is MUCH bigger.

Alaska is bigger than Texas. Almost 2 and a half times bigger

Alaska is farther away from the equator than Hawaii. Hawaii, therefore, has a warmer climate because it has more direct sunlight.

Yes. The moon is about as big as the united states of America. Minus Alaska and Hawaii.

hawaii is bigger than fiji

Yes, Canada is bigger than the US, including Alaska.

Yes Alaska is bigger than Calafornia and Texas combined.

Texas is SMALLER than Alaska. Alaska has twice the land area of Texas. Alaska is bigger than Texas, California, and Montana combined.

Hawaii is smaller than Texas. (In fact, Texas about 60 times bigger.)