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who ever cares


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I believe Honda is the "Parent Company" of Acura.

Honda is the parent company of the Element. It sounds like a great car but how would I know I don't drive so there is my point.

Apple does not have a parent company. It is a parent company, which is a large company that owns smaller companies.

Colgate is the parent company

Disney does not have a parent company

Tmobile does have a parent company. It is a German parent company called Deutsche Telekom.

It is an employee owned company, there is no parent company.

Soichiro Honda founded the company.

the parent company of dell is unknown

The parent company is Allied Corporation.

PepsiCo is the parent company of Pepsi.

Vodafone is the parent company of Verizon.

Haier Group Company is parent company to Haier America

An ultimate parent company considered as a parent company of a subsidiary entity, and the subsidiary entity has its subsidiary entity.

General Mills is a parent company

Realy!? Honda is its own company, in other words Honda makes Honda stuff. not sum outer company. Your welcome.

Abercrombie & Fitch Co. is the parent company of hollister.

Actually the parent company of westinghouse is Toshiba

Nintendo is it's own parent company however Nintendo of America's parent company is Nintendo. A little confusing yea?

Parent company account is the parent's company in consolidated financial statments where parent and child relationship exists in group accounting.

There is no parent company. I am an employee at Walgreens Corporate and I can tell you there is no company above Walgreens.

Honda Aircraft Company was created in 2006-08.

How did Honda get its name ? From the company founder Soichiro Honda.

the differences between parent and subsidiary company in capital budgeting

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