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Is Hornswoggle really a McMahon?

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No. Its a storyline. No relation at all. No, he's not a Mcmahon. It's all apart of the story line.

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Vince McMahon illegitimate child?


Is Hornswoggle a McMahon?

no his real name is Dylan Postle

Is hornswoggle the dad of finley?

no he lied about being hornswoggles dad mr McMahon is the chairmen

Is hornswoggle really from Ireland?


Is hornswoggle really dead?


Is finlay hornswoggle real dad?

Vince McMahon is hornswoggle's dad Finlay just guards hornswoggle but my brother thinks that Finlay is hornswoggle's dad but he isn't so there little brother

Is hornswoggle really short?

Yes he is.

Is WWE hornswoggle really dead?


What nicknames does Dylan Postl go by?

Dylan Postl goes by Shortstack, World's sexiest midget, and Hornswoggle McMahon.

Is Hornswoggle really a leprechaun?

yes how else could you run so qwick like hornswoggle have a beard and in that great in shape hornswoggle is realy a leprechaun

What is the deal between finally and mr Mr McMahon?

as revealed on RAW last night (2/25/08) the deal between McMahon and finaly is that hornswoggle is not mr McMahon son, and he instead finalys. which explains the deal that was made between the two.

Is hornswoggle really that short?

No he is 5 foot 4

Is Hornswoggle really Mr. McMahon's son?

AnswerMost likely! We ALL know that Mr. McMahon ONLY used a four leafed clover as a condom and hoped 4 the best! And the mom is most likely a fairy!

Is Stephanie McMahon really called Stephanie McMahon?


Is WWE Superstar Hornswoggle really 4'3?

WWE Wrestler Hornswoggle is actually 4 ft 4 in tall [128 cm].

Is hornswoggle dating anyone?

I really don't think so.

Are stephine McMahon and Shane McMahon really brother and siter?


Is Hornswoggle really Vince McMahons son?

No he is Finlays son in the WWE.

Is Hornwoggle really a McMahon?


Did vince McMahon really get hurt?


How do you get hornswoggle?

how do you get hornswoggle on svr 2010

Is Hornswoggle married?

No Hornswoggle is not married.

Is Hornswoggle dead?

No, Hornswoggle is not dead.

Who are the WWE son wrestlers?

Shane McMahon, Cody rohdes, ted dibiase, randy orton, carlito and primo, dh smith, deuce (sim snuka), hornswoggle

On smackdown vs raw 2010 is hornswoggle really platable?

Yes. As a manager.

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