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Q: Is IMVU available on mac computers?
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IMVU on Mac computers?

IMVU is now available for MAC users :)

When will IMVU be available for Mac?

NOW, go and check out the website! IMVU is now available forr MAC :)

How long until IMVU for macs is available?

If your mac can open .exe files you can get imvu.

What PS2 emulator is available for MAC computers?

PCSX and PCSX2 are the emulators available for MAC computers. These files help the MAC computer read the PS2 games and run them effectively on the computer.

What presentation software is available for Mac computers?

There are several presentation programs available for Mac computers. Some of these are: ProPresenter, iMovie, PulpMotion, Keynote and FotoMagico Home.

Is final cut only available on mac?

Apple's Final Cut software is only available for Apple's Mac computers.

You want to download the IMVU on your mac computer but you don't know how?

IMVU is now available for Mac users. (SEE LINK)(YOU MUST agree to the alpha test agreement )Requirements:Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6Intel GMA 950 GPU and 2 GB of RAMCurrent version: IMVU Mac Alpha 90000.20

Is The Oregon Trail available for Macintosh computers?

Yes, The Oregon Trail is available for mac cmoputers.

Is the C language windows or mac based?

The C language is a universal language that is available for most computers. The language was created in the early 1970s long before either Mac or Windows computers were available.

Where can you download webcam central for free on the mac?

If you mean the abomination used on Dell computers then it is, thankfully, not available for the Mac.

Does imvu give viruses on apple computers?


How do you get garage band on a chromebook?

Garageband is strictly only available for the apple made computers. Computers that qualify: - MacBook Air - MacBook Pro - Mac Mini - iMac - Mac Pro If you do not have any of these computers you are out of luck.

Is World of Warcraft available for xbox360?

No, World of Warcraft is only available for PC and MAC computers. However with a little tweaking you can get it to run on Linux computers with a windows emulator.

How do you download imvu to mac OS x?

broo i want to know the same thing i have a mac v 10.4.11 and imvu dont worlk i think they update the version of imvu just for newer pc's

Where can one purchase Apple Mac laptop computers?

Mac laptop computers can be bought at any major electronics retail outlet such as Best Buy and Fry's, and they can also be purchased at the Apple Mac Store. Apple stores can be found within malls. Mac computers are also available on Apple's official website.

Where can you dowload grageband?

GarageBand is only available for Mac computers, it comes pre-installed on all current Mac computers that you buy from the store. If you have a Mac and your computer is missing it or you want to upgrade, you can buy it at the Apple Store or any other electronic store which sells Apple Computers.

How do you get facetime on a computer?

FaceTime is only available on certain Mac computers. If you have a Mac that supports FaceTime, you can buy it from the App Store (there is a link for this below).

Where can one download Excel for Mac computers?

Excel is a word processing software that is made by Microsoft, and it is available for Mac computers. There is no way to legally download it for Mac computers; one must purchase the software on a disc and install it manually. The software can be purchased from most electronics and computer stores.

How can IMVU be installed on a Chromebook?

Sadly, "IMVU" cannot be used or downloaded on chrome OS, it is only available on windows, mac OS, Android, Apple, and other reliable platforms, if you are looking to play "IMVU" i suggest these other platforms.

What is the best make of computers?

The best making computers are the Mac and the Mac pro.

What kind of computer is Power Mac G4?

The Power Mac G4 is one of a series of personal computers that had been designed, made and sold by Apple from the year 1999 to the year 2004. These series of Mac computers were once considered to be the first super computers according to information available on the internet.

Is there a minitab for mac available?

Minitab is a computer program that analyses statistics. The Minitab program is not compatible with Mac computers it runs on Windows operating systems.

Can koyote soft converter work for mac computers?

The Koyote converters only work with the Windows operating system. There are numerous such converters available for the Mac.

How do you get cheats from imvu?

There are no cheats for IMVU. IMVU is a chat website which uses graphics, it is NOT a game and therefore has no cheats available

What type of software is Parallels Desktop for Mac?

Parallels Desktop for Mac is a software package for Mac users to run Windows applications on their computers. This package is available from Amazon and many others