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Is Il Divo from Italy?

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No, just the name is italian The band was born in UK but none of them are from Italy, neither UK Carlos is spanish Sebastien is from France Urs is from Swisseland David is from USA

2008-12-16 01:49:25
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Where in Italy was the movie Mama by Il Divo filmed?


When will il divo be on tour?

What is IL Divo schedule for 2013

Who is the baritone in il divo?

The wonderful Carlos Marin is the baritone in Il Divo.

What does Il Divo mean?

Il Divo means "Divine Male Performer" in Italian.

Are il divo planning a stadium tour in 2011 or 2012?

will il divo be doing a uk tour in 2012

What are the words to the IL Divo songs?

Kindly visit the web site qlyrics com. Then click on the letter I at the top of the page. Then scroll down a ways and you'll see a link called Il Divo lyrics. Click on Il Divo lyrics and there you'll be. Words to all your favorite Il Divo tunes.

What does ill divo mean?

IL DIVO is italian, which means divine male performer.

What are popular Italian bands?

Il divo

How old is Carlos from Il Divo?


When was Il Divo formed?

They were formed in 2004.

Where does Carlos of Il Divo live?


Is carlos from il divo married?


How old is Urs from Il Divo?

Urs Bühler, tenor of Il Divo was born on July 19th 1971. So he going to be 39 this year.

What actors and actresses appeared in Il divo checco - 1912?

The cast of Il divo checco - 1912 includes: Giuseppe Gambardella as Checco

Is the group Il Divo still performing together?

Yes IL DIVO are still together and working on a new CD and hopefully as tour next year.

What does Il Divo mean in English?

The spanish egg

Which member of Il Divo is uncircumcised?

You'll have to ask them.

Is carlos marin leaving il divo?

He best not be!!

Which song does Il Divo sing in English?

I Believe In You

Is david miller from il divo gay?


How tall is urs buhler from il divo?

Urs Buhler from the group Il Divo is 5 feet 11 inches tall. He a born in 1971 in the country of Switzerland.

Does Carlos from Il Divo have any children?

He is divorced and has no children.

Celebrities with there name starting with the letter ' I '?

Il Divo

What color is carlos marin eyes from il divo?


Il divo gay?

No. yes, they are 2 members gay or bisexuell.