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sorry but no Infamous is a superhero type action game(i think).

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When are they going to make sly 4?

yes after suker punch makes infamous. by the way i hate infamous its just dellaing sly 4

What day will sly cooper 4 be released?

it will come out after infamous is out they will make sly 4

Is sly 4 coming out for xbox360?

Sly 4 has only been a Easter egg in InFamous

You heard Sly 4 is called infamous is that correct?


Will suckerpunch make sly 4?

Yes. After InFamous, There going to make a Sly 4. I heard it is coming out 10/21/10. If not, I don't know where it is coming out. I also don't know whats the name of it.

Is there going to be a Sly4?

Yes there will be a Sly 4 it will come out but nobody knows when exactley because Sucker Punch is working on inFAMOUS. It will be called Sly 4 King of Thieves. It will probably come out 2010 or 2012.

Is inFAMOUS a new Sly game or is it just a new suckerpunch game?

No inFamous is another game. I heard that after it is done they r going to make sly 4. I don't know the name or the out line or when it even comes out. so just DON'T ask!

Are they going to make another sly cooper game?

The have been rumors and hints about it ( especially in inFamous) however, Sucker Punch has never anounced the release of Sly 4. Here's hoping!

Is clockwork going to be in sly 4?

It's unknown if he will reappear in Sly 4.

When is sly 4 coming to stores?

No one knows yet. It will not be finished before Infamous id finished. After that Sucker punch only starts making Sly 4.

Is there going to be a sly 4 and 5?

just sly 4 it will come out in 2012 i think

Is Sly going to re marry Carmelita in sly 4?

no he won't

Sly cooper 4 trailer?

Well since Sucker Punch is working on another game called infamous I don't think you can expect to see a trailer for Sly 4.You would probably expect to see one when they have finished making infamous. But only after a month or so. look on youtube, there is one trailor. search sly 4 offical trailor.

Is the going to be A sly 4?


When will Sly 4 Future Thieves be released?

Sucker Punch is currently working on a project called Infamous and release it on spring 2009, so there will be no Sly 4 before it.On the winter of 2010.

Is there going to be another sly cooper 4?

There will be a Sly 4 on June 8th Its expcted 2 come out

Is sly cooper 4 come out for PlayStation2?

No, Sly 4 is only going to be available for PlayStation 3.

Is sly 4 coming in 2010?

Yes. Sly 4 is going to come out around Easter 2010.

Is sly 4 going to be called thieves strike back?

Sly 4 will be called "Power of Thieves".

Why are they not working on sly 4?

cause there working on a really stupid game called infamous wat a rip of

Is there going to be a fourth Sly game?

No kidding. Just type in sly 4 in google

Will ther be a sly 4?

I have contacted Sucker Punch (TM) and asked them if there is a sly 4 coming soon and i got back that right now they are working on infamous 2 so in other words, i guess so after the hold infamous 2 stuff. (P.S. I got the email in 2011)

Has sly 4 already bin realest?

No.But it will be released July 2008.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------That answer is fallacious. The company who made the Sly series is still working on another project on the PlayStation 3. The game that they are working on is so far being called Infamous. For now Sly 4 has not yet been released and no, it is not going to be called Sly 4: King of Thieves. This is what has rumoredto be called but is not necessarily true, unless of course Sucker Punch Productions (the company who made the Sly series) decides to use this.

Is Sly going to re-marry Carmelita in sly 4?

Sly and Carmelita never married in the first place!

Sly 4 cane of destiny coming in April?

OK I asked a guy when I went up to GameStop and he said if they even decide to make a Sly 4 which I hope they do then it will most likely be after InFamous 2.