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No inFamous is another game. I heard that after it is done they r going to make sly 4. I don't know the name or the out line or when it even comes out. so just DON'T ask!

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What happeneds in sly 4?

sly finally ends, and suckerpunch stops making sly

Will suckerpunch make sly 4?

Yes. After InFamous, There going to make a Sly 4. I heard it is coming out 10/21/10. If not, I don't know where it is coming out. I also don't know whats the name of it.

Is Infamous going to be Sly 4?

sorry but no Infamous is a superhero type action game(i think).

When are they going to make sly 4?

yes after suker punch makes infamous. by the way i hate infamous its just dellaing sly 4

Is infamous a sly Cooper game?

No. They are totally different. not even remotely close

Infamous is really like sly?

No not at all, but it's a great game! 9.3 for my rating!

When will sucker punch start on sly 4?

Sly cooper 4 has been confirmed by today October 3, 2009. Suckerpunch say that sly cooper 4 will come out this winter 2010. Here is what one of the employee's working for Suckerpunch had to say. "I really cant say much cause then I'll get in trouble. We're really not sure what to call the game but we're working on it. Sly cooper 4's main character is a fat monkey farting lazers out of his butt."

Why are they not working on sly 4?

cause there working on a really stupid game called infamous wat a rip of

What day will sly cooper 4 be released?

it will come out after infamous is out they will make sly 4

Sly cooper 4?

No information yet, they're not making the game before spring 2009 when inFamous will be released.

Is their going to be a sly 4 coming out?

Yes suckerpunch said they are going to make sly4 for proof look it up a yahoo.awnsers

Where in Honolulu do they sell sly cooper comics?

on suckerpunch webshop wich doesnt exist anymore sorry (i want one to!)

Is sly 4 coming out for xbox360?

Sly 4 has only been a Easter egg in InFamous

You heard Sly 4 is called infamous is that correct?


Are they going to make another sly cooper game?

The have been rumors and hints about it ( especially in inFamous) however, Sucker Punch has never anounced the release of Sly 4. Here's hoping!

Is there going to be a fourth Sly game?

No kidding. Just type in sly 4 in google

Is sly 4 for PlayStation 2?

I'm not sure, but I guess Sly 4 will have a playstation 2 version as well as a ps3 version, because all the previous Sly games were on ps2,and not all Sly cooper games' fans do want to buy a ps3 for just one game.. I guess that Sucker Punch will continue the Sly series, because it has so many fans. The only thing is that they're currently making a game called Infamous so they only startmaking Sly 4 in 2008.

Sly cooper 4 trailer?

Well since Sucker Punch is working on another game called infamous I don't think you can expect to see a trailer for Sly 4.You would probably expect to see one when they have finished making infamous. But only after a month or so. look on youtube, there is one trailor. search sly 4 offical trailor.

Is Sly4 coming in 2008?

I'm sorry, but they are messing with Sly 4 right now! They are makeing a game called" Infamous"! This game came out June 8th. So they probably won' t make Sly 4 until 2009! I hope answered your question and if I didn't go to and there is a Sly web page! Your welcome!!!

Is there a sly 4 yet?

In the newly released game "The Sly Collection" The game (Sly 4) was somewhat teased.

How old is sly cooper in sly 3?

He's actually 23, believe it or not. I believe it! Why wouldn't anyone? I've just been guessing this whole time that he was 21. Wait! Would he be 21 in Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus? You know, the first game? He is 18 in the first sly game here is a list. Sly 1- 18 Sly 2-20Sly 3-23 Sly 4-24 sly 5- 26 sly 6- 28

Is there going to be a Sly 5 game?

There is no details as to whether there will be a Sly 5 game yet.

When is sly 4 coming to stores?

No one knows yet. It will not be finished before Infamous id finished. After that Sucker punch only starts making Sly 4.

Does sly 4 come out in 2008?

No, because Sucker Punch's focusing to make a game called inFamous. That might be true but now its 2010 and i heard its coming out in 2011 but i dont understand why they don't make the game now.

What is the second game of sly Cooper?

Sly 2: Band of Thieves