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Yes, its got Candidacy state of accreditation. ITU improved a lot. ITU has lot of experienced professors and well equipped labs.

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Q: Is International Technological University accredited
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Is the international technological university ca USA is recognised?

International Technological University (ITU) is not accredited by and accrediting agency recognized by US Department of Education now. ITU's accreditation has been terminated since 2004.

Is Adam international university accredited?

Adam International University is a state accredited insitution

What is International Technological University's motto?

The motto of International Technological University is 'Global Development Through Silicon Valley Education'.

Is Jones International University accredited?

Yes, they are an accredited online University for studying abroad.

By who is corllins university accredited?

Corllins University is accredited by GAB and APTEC.

Is American global International University an accredited online university?

American Global International University is a recognized Accredited University

Is International Institute of computer science and engineering University accredited?

please confirma the accreditation of the university

Is midtown university a recognized accredited universty?

Midtown University is accredited by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO). Midtown University is a school that offers courses and degrees online.

Is international university of business and law -city kherson- ukranie accredited?

Yes it is an accredited University by the Ministry of Education in Ukraine. It has full authority by the State to award accredited BA, MA and PhD

Is Africa international university college accredited in Ghana?

yesit was accredited by the Ghana accreditation board in the early year of 2009

Is the International University of the Caribbean located in Montego bay JA accredited? is

Is university of phoenix accredited?

The Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs, an international organization that recognizes and supports teaching excellence, accredits the University of Phoenix a nationally accredited program.