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Q: Is It Possible To Control The Battery Indicator Lights On A MacBook Pro?
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Is it dangerous to play games on a Macbook with a dead battery?

It is not possible to play Games with a Dead Battery. You are required to charge it first. If the battery is very less charged up then i will say no it is not dangerous as battery keep on supplying same amount of power till it's last charge.If your battery is dead in a manner that it is not getting charged but you can turn on Macbook if you plug in the charger then Yes, it is dangerous to play games and even using it is dangerous. The battery may leak or blast and cause damage to your Macbook or to you.

How to connect my MacBook to my ps2 so i can play games on my MacBook with my ps2. but i don't know how to connect it and what i need. so help as soon as possible.?

I may be able to answer this question but could you please simplify it. Do you mean you want to control your PS2 with your MacBook, or do you want to control your MacBook with your PS2? Please rephrase your question. Thanks!

How much does a battery for a MacBook cost?

It depends on the particular battery, but most MacBook batteries are sold around $30.

Whenever your MacBook is connected to a power adapter to recharge battery it keeps switching from battery reserve power to recharging why?

If the battery of your MacBook is fully charged whilst you have the power cable plugged in, then the MacBook will switch to battery power instead of wasting electrical power from the plug. Once the battery is run down again, the Macbook will switch back to electrical power from the plug.

Can you change a MacBook Pro battery?

If you have a new macbook pro with the metal body case, no. If you have an older macbook pro, you can use a coin to turn the lock on the bottom of the laptop to remove the battery.

Will your MacBook run off power only when battery is dead?

If your battery is dead and you connect the power supply with your battery installed, the battery will automatically start charging. If you wish to run your MacBook off your power supply only, simply remove your battery from your MacBook and connect the power supply. You will then be running solely on the power supply. If you battery becomes fully charged while your power supply is connected, you MacBook will switch to the power connector as it's power source - preserving the battery.

How long does a MacBook's battery last?

10 hours.

Where can you get apple MacBook adapter battery in delhi?

apple macbook adapter and battery available dealer M Computers nehru place delhi m9953000029 ready delivery.

Where can you get apple MacBook battery in delhi?

apple macbook battery available in delhi at dealer price M Computers near nehru place providing service at door step M9953000029

Is there a battery button on the 2009 MacBook?

There should be a battery release catch under the machine at the edge of the battery access plate

How many charges does the MacBook Pro have?

According to Apple, you should be able to get around 1000 battery cycles out of your Macbook Pro before the battery will need to be replaced. This comes down to 5 years of normal battery usage. However, over time, the battery's capacity will significantly diminish.

What computer is better the MacBook or the MacBook air?

the macbook is good cuz it has more battery and the macbook air is MUCH lighter and portableHope This Helps :)

Extending battery life on apple macbook pro.?

To extend the life of your battery for Apple Macbook Pro is to unplug the laptop and use it to run the battery down then recharge it. Apple does not recommend keeping your laptop plugged in continously as this can ruin your battery. Read more about this at

What battery does a MacBook Pro use?

A lithium ion battery installed at the factory that cannot be replaced by the user.

What is the average cost and life of a Apple MacBook battery?

The New Apple Macbook contains up to 12 Hours of Battery life on the 13 inch Macbook and up to 9 hours on the 11 inch Macbook. From the Apple site, the 11 Inch Macbook with 128gb is currently AU$1,099.00 and the 11 inch with 256gb is AU$1,349.00. The 13 inch Macbook with 128gb is AU$1,249.00 and the 13 inch with 256gb is AU$1,449.00. This also includes free shipping.

Why would a MacBook turn off when the power supply is disconnected?

If a portable computer, such as a MacBook, quits when disconnected from outlet power, it probably has a battery problem. Take it to a service provider if you can not determine if the battery is dead yourself.

How long does a MacBook Pro battery last?

Around 7 hours

How do you do control t on MacBook?

you click command t instead of control t

What are some recommendations for computers?

macbook air, dell, gateway, asus...all really good battery life. a macbook air or macbook pro would be the best and would last longer, but its more expensive.

What laptop battery has the longest life?

currently I'm using macbook white 2010 the battery lasts upto 6hrs...

How much battery life does the MacBook Pro have?

The battery life is 7 hours.

My Apple MacBook Pro won't turn on when I plug the charger in it glows a dull green and the battery life will not appear on the side?

After discovering that your Apple MacBook Pro won't turn on when you plug the charger in and the battery life isn't appearing on the side, it may be safe to assume you need a new battery.

Why doesnt my new MacBook Pro turn on immediately when after it's run out of battery you plug the charger in because I have another that turns on immediately so what gives?

The computer is going into hibernation mode as the battery dies. You can use a preference pane such as SmartSleep (See links below) to control the sleep states or try to ensure that the battery does not become exhausted regularly.

What is the difference between MacBook and MacBook Air?

rong it has faster software and it is thine because ive got one but u are right it is lighter but its battery last longera

How can you change your MacBook's color not brightness If yours is darker than the normal ones?

not possible that your MacBook is darker than normal ones