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I have sold over 300 JCL scooter's and in my opinion are one fo the best. I have only had 1 warranty claim on the JCL's. I have sold many other makes and models, JCL is the real deal with a real warranty. Hope this helps.

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What did a new 2008 JCL 150cc scooter cost?

Mine cost $1600

Why doesn't fuel gauge work on my jcl scooter?

Float in tank is stuck or damaged or installed from the factory incorrectly.

When was JCL Logistics created?

JCL Logistics was created in 1928.

What is the primary industry of Turkey?

jhhjh mhvlu jcl

What is IBM JCL?

Job Control Language (JCL) is a scripting language used on IBM mainframe operating systems to instruct the system on how to run a batch job or start a subsystem.

What keyword do you use in the JCL to define the primary key in a VSAM cluster?


In jcl Which statement transmits print output to the remote location called DETROIT?

JCL is a type of communication code for computers. To get a print job to print out in Detroit, special steps must be followed and input correctly using the code.

Is hasp an acronym?

yes, it is an output computer lisitng generted by JCL and throuhg TSO

How do you run a rexx program with jcl?

JCL (Job Control Language) to run a REXX is a common practice. You should have a sample JCL in your shop. Note this all runs on Z/OS not windows and the REXX cannot be an interactive REXX. //JOBNAME JOBCARD INFO .... //STEPNAME EXEC PGM=IKJEFT01,PARM='REXXNAME' //SYSTSPRT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSUDUMP DD SYSOUT=D,FLASH=F003 //SYSPROC DD DSN=YOUR.REXX.LIBRARY,DISP=SHR //SYSTSIN DD DUMMY,DCB=BLKSIZE=80 Change the jobcard to match your shops standards for running JCL Put a stepname you like (replace STEPNAME) Replace REXXNAME with the name of the REXX you wish to run On the SYSPROC line put the library name you used to create the REXX exec. Submit the JCL (note you also need submit authority to run JCLs)

What is Vanilla skill set mainframe?

Vanilla skill set in Mainframes include COBOL, DB2, CICS, JCL...

How reliable are jcl scooters?

We bought two (2) 49 cc JCL scooters in Aug 2008. Just after two months the headlight went out on one of the scooters. I went to the local auto parts store and was told they don't carry the bulb, but can order them by the box of 10. I would have to buy all ten. The price...$79.00 a box. I called the person I bought them from and he said "no problem, I have plenty of them". I asked him to send one to me and he did. The only problem was that it was the wrong one. I tried for a year to get another bulb (the correct one) and he never responded to me. Finally after the year's warranty was up, a friend of mine decided to purchase one for herself. I told her to get me a new bulb for our scooter, which she did. The other problem we had was just after a year, the battery went bad. I even kept the batteries on a battery tender through the year when we weren't ridding them. Outside of those two issues (the first one can be eliminated by buying one from someone that will work with you on the parts issue), I think they are an overall good value, considering what one would pay for a similar scooter from a known brand name.

How to pass the parm parameter in PL1?

In JCL it would be of the form exec pgm=mypgroam, parms="/B" where the info after the "/" is the parameter strring.

How many tattoos does Lisa Origliasso have?

She has tattoos of the initials JCL for herself, her sister & mother on back of her neck, and the word FATE on her wrist.

How would the food web be affected if a virus struck the mouse population?

jiorq3uirju'[o9jcfsOAIkdxS9OISp"ID)_*(Cm;lsa cmloa: CLOADJCoaksl;cMMmkvl"vkfvm jcl;'s'aa==hdskkcncbxc x

What tattoos does Lisa origliasso have?

A palavra FATE no pulso esquerdo,uma tatuagem secreta no quadril,e na nuca JCL que significa Jess sua irmã, Collen sua mãe, e seu proprio nome.

What do the veronica's tattoos say?

Jess: Has a tattoo saying "love" on her left wrist The words "where words fail, music speaks" on her left shoulder blade. she has lyrics on her hip a girl on her calf Lisa: Has "Fate" on her wrist Has the same lyrics as jess They both have "JCL"

What has the author H Frank Cervone written?

H. Frank Cervone has written: 'Solaris 7 performance administration tools / Frank Cervone' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Operating systems (Computers), Solaris (Computer file) 'VSE/ESA JCL' -- subject(s): Job Control Language (Computer program language), Application software, Virtual computer systems

What is the problem when the headlights remain on constantly even when the headlight switch and the multi function switch are disconnected on 1993 GCL?

Had this problem on a 1995 JCL, it was the DRL (daytime running lights) module. If you're lucky yours will cost $100, mine was $350. It was located to the left of the steering column and over a metal plate (white box) completely hidden from view. Do not buy Jeep, they are electrical problem prone and nightmares.

What are the initials after a priest's name?

There are two different kinds of priests: Secular priests or diocesan priests. These are priests who belong to a Bishop and a particular diocese, they do not normally have initials after their name, although they might have a degree listed. The second kind of priest is a religious priest. This is a priest who belongs to a religious order and the initials after his name refer to his order: Fr. Ignatius, S.J. (Society of Jesus) Fr. Benedict, O.S.B. (Order of Saint Benedict) OMI Oblates of Mary Immaculate, etc. FMS Fratres Maristae a Scholis (Marist Brothers) JCL (Juris Canonici Licentia) (A doctorate in Canon Law) EdD (secular decree as a Doctor of Education)

How do you run a rexx program through JCL?

This is the simplest form: no files are allocated for EXECIO. All REXX features are available. All REXX functions are available, including EXECIO. All TSO commands are available, for example: DELETE, LISTCAT, HRECALL, HDELETE. ISPF features are not available, for example VGET, File Tailoring. //* job statement //TSOBATCH EXEC PGM=IKJEFT1A,DYNAMNBR=200 //SYSEXEC DD DSN=userid.REXX.EXEC,DISP=SHR //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSTSPRT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSTSIN DD * PROFILE PREFIX(userid) /* please use this,*/ /* specifying your userid*/ %MYREXX Same as the previous, but two files are allocated for EXECIO The program uses EXECIO. It reads the file defined by //INFILE it writes to the file defined by //OUTFILE Do not use an ALLOC command for these files in the REXX program! //* job statement for invoking rexx by jcl //* good example of TSO in Batch //* how to run a rexx program with job control language //TSOBATCH EXEC PGM=IKJEFT1A,DYNAMNBR=200 //SYSEXEC DD DSN=userid.REXX.EXEC,DISP=SHR REXX program library //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=* //SYSTSPRT DD SYSOUT=* //INFILE DD DSN=userid.MY.INPUT,DISP=SHR //OUTFILE DD SYSOUT=* //SYSTSIN DD * PROFILE PREFIX(userid) /* please use this,*/ /* specifying your userid*/ %MYREXX

How many tattoos does jess origliasso have?

Jess origliasso has 13 tattoos:The word "Love" on her left wrist"Where words fail... music speaks" on her left shoulder blade.Two swallows on her lower stomachThe initials "JCL" on the outside of her right wrist (It is the initials of herself, her mother Colleen, and her sister Lisa).A pin-up girl on the back of her left calf that says "Forever and a day."Something on her left hip (not sure what it is).An anchor on her right wrist.A heart on her left arm with a banner that used to say "My blood is red for you" but is now filled in black.A pink cupcake on her left arm that says "Sweet Revenge."A girl holding a guitar, which Jess says is her alter ego (The design is by Richard Tate).A bottle of poison."Pure" on the top of her left shoulder."ZAR" on her finger.

What is expansion of COBOL?

COBOL is the acronym used for Common Business Oriented Language. It is one of the oldest programming language. If you are preparing for a mainframe job with a skill set of COBOL, you would first like to prepare on the commonly asked cobol interview questions. There are plenty of websites on mainframe offering free interview questions on cobol. Going prepared for an interview makes you feel more confident to others who are less prepared. JCL interview questions, DB2 interview questions and CICS interview questions are also easily available on the internet and you may want to be prepared for these as well if the company offering jobs require these skillsets. If you are really out of touch of mainframe technology and want to brush up on the basics then you may want to go through few mainframe tutorials available on the internet.

What are the 4 major functions of an Operating system?

Job ManagementJob management controls the order and time in which programs are run and is more sophisticated in the mainframe environment where scheduling the daily work has always been routine. IBM's job control language (JCL) was developed decades ago. In a desktop environment, batch files can be written to perform a sequence of operations that can be scheduled to start at a given time.Task ManagementMultitasking, which is the ability to simultaneously execute multiple programs, is available in all operating systems today. Critical in the mainframe and server environment, applications can be prioritized to run faster or slower depending on their purpose. In the desktop world, multitasking is necessary for keeping several applications open at the same time so you can bounce back and forth among them. See ManagementData management keeps track of the data on disk, tape and optical storage devices. The application program deals with data by file name and a particular location within the file. The operating system's file system knows where that data are physically stored (which sectors on disk) and interaction between the application and operating system is through the programming interface. Whenever an application needs to read or write data, it makes a call to the operating system (see ManagementDevice management controls peripheral devices by sending them commands in their own proprietary language. The software routine that knows how to deal with each device is called a "driver," and the OS requires drivers for the peripherals attached to the computer. When a new peripheral is added, that device's driver is installed into the operating system.User InterfaceAll graphics based today, the user interface includes the windows, menus and method of interaction between you and the computer. Prior to graphical user interfaces (GUIs), all operation of the computer was performed by typing in commands. Not at all extinct, command-line interfaces are alive and well and provide an alternate way of running programs on all major operating systems.Operating systems may support optional interfaces, both graphical and command line. Although the overwhelming majority of people work with the default interfaces, different "shells" offer variations of appearance and functionality.SecurityOperating systems provide password protection to keep unauthorized users out of the system. Some operating systems also maintain activity logs and accounting of the user's time for billing purposes. They also provide backup and recovery routines for starting over in the event of a system failure.Other Functions Of An Operating System:-(1) Services of an O.S.:-Operating system by itself does not perform work i.e. useful to the end user of the computer. It creates the environment in which the application program can function o.s. provided services to users are- 1) Program Execution :- Loading the program into memory , executing & terminating the program.2) Error Deletion :-Identifying & traffic of errors detected while processing user request to hardware like keyboard error , shortage of memory etc.3) Resource Allocation :-Management of available resources & allocation of resources to different users.4) Input/Output Operation :-Execution of input/output request involving devices & files.5) File Management or Manipulation :-Executing request for read , write , rename or delete the data file as well as file management services.6) Accounting :-Maintaining accounts of uses of the resources by different users & generating usable table.7) Security :-Providing protection to program & data & to ensure data security.