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No. Jaguars are not found in Africa where zebras live and there are no zebras in the Americas, where jaguars live.

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Is zebra a predator?

No, zebras are herbavores.

What is the predator of the zebra?

a zebras predator is lions, hyeans and wild dogs

What are the spider monkey's predator?

The spider monkey's main predator is the jaguar

Are lions and zebras predators?

A zebra is not a predator but a lion is

Is the jaguar a predator or prey?

The jaguar is both predator and prey. It is predator because it feeds on many other organisms but it is prey also because some crocodiles feed on them if they can get it distracted.

Is the okapi a prey or a predator?

prey like the zebras but in a group against on lion mostly predator

What are the advantages of zebras living in groups?

The advantage to Zebras living in groups is so that when a predator (e.g a lion) chases them, they run and because they are running together their stripes confuse the predator ...

What is an example of predator prey relationships in the rainforest?

The jaguar is the predator and the sloth is the prey

What is a tapirs predator?

A Jaguar can eat a tapir

When was Alien vs Predator - Jaguar game - created?

Alien vs Predator - Jaguar game - was created in 1994-09.

Is a jaguar a predator?

The jaguar is indeed a predator. It hunts efficiently, tracking and eating many different species including rodents and many other mammals.

Who is the toco toucans predator?

The toucans predator are humans, big cats, and its biggest predator is the Jaguar Hope that helps!

What eats a jaguar in the tropical rain forest?

Nothing eats it. The Jaguar is an apex predator.

Is the zebra a predator to the zebras?

Zebras are classified as herbivores, or plant-eating organisms, and are unlikely to cannibalize, let alone eat meat.

What are a zebras main predator?

their main predator are lions but they have minor predators like leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, cheetahs.

What is the grevy's zebras adaptations?

The stripes that Grevy's Zebras have help them to blend in with eachother in order to avoid predators. Zebras have long legs, so they can run fast if a predator is near. Zebras travel in herds to stay safe.

What is the relationship between lion and zebra?

Zebras and lions have a prey-predator relationship.

How do zebras know when a predator is coming?

they have a feeling inide of them if somethings behind them or someone.

Do zebras run fast?

zebras do run fast but they don't run as fast as they need to run away from the predator , sometimes they do get away but not always

Who is the monkeys predator?

What eats a monkey are a Leopard, Jaguar and Cougar.

Does a jaguar have feathers?

No it doesn't. It is a feline and a jungle predator. No feathers.

Predators of a jaguar?

No predators for the jaguars. They are a top tier predator.

What predator runs faster between a jaguar tiger and a lion?

Jaguar is a big cat but not a tiger.So the question is wrong.

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