Jake T. Austin
Cole and Dylan Sprouse

Is Jake t Austin dating Dylan sprouse?

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No jake t austin only likes girls.

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Did Dylan Sprouse make out with Jake T Austin?

Neither Dylan Sprouse nor Jake T. Austin have made any public statements about that, so there is no way to know.

Does Cole Sprouse hang out with Jake t Austin?

Maybe... sometimes... But I think Jake hangs out with Dylan Sprouse more than Cole Sprouse.

Were can you find pictures of Jake t Austin and Dylan sprouse?

You can find them on the Disney shows website.

Did Jake t Austin makeout with Dylan Sprouse?

Yes. Not only did Jake T. Austin makeout with Dylan Sprouse, but the two of them had oral sex and anal sex with each other as well. Actually no he did not and hes not gay that's probably a stupid rumor!

Did Jake T Austin ever hang out with Dylon and Cole Sprouse?

he got in a fight with Dylan and Dylan punched his girl friend

Who is the best Disney channel actor?

The best one in my opinion is Selena Gomez! The top 3 are Selena, Cole, and Dylan Sprouse!! I like Demi and Jake T. Austin too! GO SELENA GOMEZ YOU ROCK THE HOUSE!!!! GO COLE AND DYLAN SPROUSE! GO JAKE T AUSTIN AND DEMI LOVATO!!!!

Dylan Sprouse est gay il avait des rapports sexuels av?

Dylan Sprouse n'est pas gai, mais il a admis à Oprah qu'il a fait un rapport sexuel avec Jake t Austin.

Is Jake szymanski gay?

Yes he is there was a rumor going on saying he kissed Dylan Sprouse .

What is Jake T Austin?

You mean 'Who is Jake T. Austin?' He is an American teenage actor working for Disney Studios, who provided the voice of Diego in the 'Go, Diego, Go' cartoons on nickalodeon TV, and who played Max Russo on the movie 'Wizards of Waverly Place'. However, he is in serious trouble; he engaged in having gay sex in public with Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse, and Jake T. Austin was arrested for that offense, and in Mid-February 2011, Jake T. Austin was caught drinking an alcoholic beverage at age 16 and was arrested and handcuffed by police.

Who is dylan sprouse best friend?

He has quit a few. Alex keegan, joey Casta, Brad Thomas, Drew Carter, Kyle Walsh, Kyle Hawk, Jake t Austin and more.

How is Jake t Austin dating?

He is currently single.

Is Janiy'yah and Jake T Austin dating?

No he's dating Ezekiel rose

Who is Rahma Mohamoud dating?

Yes, she is currently dating Taylor Lautner!!! She used to be dating Nick Jonas, Joe Jonasand Kevin before he was married!!! She used date Dylan Sprouse and Zac Efron and Jesse McCartney including Drew Seeley!! That girl is smooth!! Yea-ah!!!! And she is think about dating Jake T. Austin, David Henrie and Justin Bieber!!! Also, she dated JasonDolley, Mitchel Musso and ColeSprouse!!! She is real smooth!!!! Her first date was with Drake Bell.You have to meet her!

What is Jake austins girlfriends last name?

Jake T Austin doesn't have a girlfriend he has a boyfriend theres pictures of him making out with Dylan sprousehis girlfriends last name is stradis she is a friend of mine we go skl togetherAbigail Breslin is jake's girlfriend, because, jake kissed abigail!!!!

Who is Jake t Austin dating 2013?

No one, he is currently single

Does Jake T Austin really have a 2011 girlfriend?

Yes Jake t Austin has a girlfriend her name is Hayle she is not famous she is a fan and they have been dating for a while now NO, hayley is just a fan, but they are not dating!

Did Dylan spouce kiss Jake t Austin?

Yes they did they also had a little snog lol!

Did Jake t Austin and Dylan sprouse really makeout?

Maybe aparrantely all evidence of this ever happening has ben destroyed but who cares we'll jus say he is bi until proven otherwise I don't know but I sure hope so!

Is Dylan sprouse not gay?

yeh he's not gay you people think him and Jake t Austin had sex but they didn't you people need to stop bout these making rumors about these celebratory's being gay yall probably gay so shut up about it

How old is Paige Chalmer?

Paige is 18 and dating Jake T Austin who is 14

Who is felicia sachez dating?

There was rumors that she and Jake T. Austin were dating, but a source said that it wasn't the case, so no they didn't date.

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