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I'm not Jake t. Austin but he might?

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Is minimum wage going to increase in SC?

The minimum wage in SC is definitely going to increase.

Could Justin Bieber ever visit us in Spartanburg SC?

He is going to be in Easley SC tomorrow

Where is Jewelry Warehouse located?

Jewelry Warehouse has 3 locations with a 4th opening soon. Two of the stores are located in Columbia South Carolina and 1 in Lexington SC. The one which is opening soon will be in the SC city of Cayce.

What is the mileage between Greenville SC and Austin Texas?

drive time is 18-20 hours depending on stopage ,1040 miles

How many hours does it take from NY to SC?

It depends on how fast you're going...

What does the SC state seal mean?

The glade of the united states were always going to go for it

Why there is no Dark Archon in Starcraft 2?

Well the game itself is the first of a series of 3 so they have to save something for the 2 expansions that will be coming up soon. Actually, you have to combine several troops in sc. 2 but in sc. 1 there is, as you can see.

What the SC mean on the AMC sc 360 Hornets?

sc = supercar The SC in SC/360 Hornet stands for Super Coupe

What does SC stand for in range rover SC?

SC in Range Rover SC stands for Super Charged

Are novelty license plates illegal in SC?

as in for the front of your car? like for a sports team or something? I'm going to say no, because i am a resident of SC and have a novelty plate on the front of my vehicle, as do many others :]

Why is my 1996 Lexus SC 400 ac compressor suddenly making a whining noise?

Are you sure it is the A/C Compressor and not the power steering pump? LS400, SC 300 and SC 400 are known to have power steering pump issues that leak onto the compressor causing ac compressor failure. Replace the pump as soon as you see a leak.

What is the distance between Columbia sc to Charleston sc in miles?

Charleston (SC) to Columbia (SC) = distance = 162 Km

What is the distance between Charleston SC and Fort Fackson SC?

Distance between fort Jackson sc and Charleston sc

What is the halfway point between Columbia Sc and Bennettsville sc?

158km is the halfway point between Columbia Sc and Bennettsville sc.

How far is florence sc from asheboro nc?

Florence, SC is approximately 125 miles away from the city of Asheboro, NC. If you are going to be traveling by car, you can expect to spend around 2 hours and fourteen minutes in the car.

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