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Is James McGowan the hot hunky blonde gangster guy in the Verizon commercial married or single?

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Hi, I wish I knew because if he's single, I'm first in line. Just kidding. In 2001 he only had a girlfriend and that's the last bit of news I have about him. Check out: He is married to Alicia Selvi. They have a son, Tristan, a house, two cats, and a dog named Isolde.

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Nimoy has been married twice. In 1954, he married actress Sandra Zober, whom he divorced in 1987. He had two children with her, director Adam Nimoy and Julie Nimoy, who both appeared in an Oldsmobile commercial, with the tagline "This is not your father's Oldsmobile". In 1988, he married actress Susan Bay, who is a cousin of director Michael Bay. read related link

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my friend said it was Robert pattinson from twilight... im really trying to find it so i can see.

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Her birth name is Melanie Deanne Moore. She is married to Andy Paxson and also goes by Melanie Paxson.

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Whoopi Goldberg, Phil Jackson, and Jesse Gregory James (West Coast Choppers, married to Sandra Bullock)

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Her name is Amani and she's a former model, actress and singer from Australia (with Greek origins). She then married her music producer and currently lives in Dubai.

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