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Extremely different. It is one of the big differences between the two religions. In Christianity, Jesus is the Messiah, the savior.

From the Jewish perspective, Jesus may or may not have lived but at most, he would have been a false prophet. Jesus plays absolutely no role in Judaism.

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How is Christianity different from judaism?

Christianity believes that Jesus Christ is the promised messiah. Judaism is still waiting for the promised messiah.

How is Christianity related to judaism?

Christianity stems from Judaism. Jesus was Jewish. And Christians worship Jesus.

Why does Judaism differ from Christianity?

Judaism and Christianity both believe in the same god. But Christianity believes Jesus is the Messiah predicted in the Old Testament, and Judaism thinks Jesus wasn't the Messiah.

Who invented Christianity?

Jesus of Nazareth invented the very popular religion, Christianity. Jews believe in Judaism and Catholics believe in Catholicism. Judaism is the religion that Jews celebrate. It is different from Christianity and Catholicism because they think that Jesus wasn't the Messiah and that he or she will come any day now. Catholicism is different from Christianity and Judaism because they believe in and worship the Virgin Mary.

How does Christianity differ from Judaism?

Christianity says Jesus is the Messiah, Judaism is still waiting for the Messiah. Also, Judaism believes that Jesus was a regular human being.

What was Christianity before Jesus Christ?

Before Jesus, Christianity was Judaism waiting for a Messiah.

Does Judaism believe that Jesus is the son of Mary?

Judaism makes no comment on Jesus as he is a part of Christianity and plays no role in Judaism.

What does Islam and Christianity have in common that Judaism doesn't?

Islam and Christianity both have someone other than God or Allah to look up to (like Jesus or Muhammad PBUH). Judaism just has God.Islam and Christianity both recognize Jesus (in different ways).

What does Judaism not have in common with Islam and Christianity?

Judaism does not accept that Jesus was a prophet.

How important is Jesus in Judaism?

Jesus has no relevance whatsoever in Judaism, just as Buddha has no relevence in Christianity. Simply put, Jesus is outside the scope of Judaism.

Christianity is strongly tied to which religion of which Jesus was a member?

AnswerChristianity has its roots in Judaism, a religion of which Jesus was a member.

What 2 religions sprouted from judaism?

Judaism paved the way for Messianic Judaism and Christianity. Judaism was the promise of the Messiah and Messianic Judaism and Christianity are the recieving of the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

How is the nature of God in Judaism different from God in Christianity?

How is the nature of God in Judaism different from God in Christianity

Is Judaism a spin-off of Christianity?

No. Christianity might be considered a spin-off of Judaism, since Jesus was a Jew, as well as his disciples. Christianity is the fulfillment of Judaism since Jesus revealed that He is Messiah Yeshua. Of the law Jesus said "I have not come to abolish the law but to fulfill it."

Is Jesus Judaism or Christianity?

He is Jewish, but he is said to be the savior (the son of god) of Christianity.

What is the differences between Christianity judaism Islam and Hinduism?

The difference between between these three religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism is in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. This single event marks Christianity different from these other religions.

Is Judaism linked to Christianity?

It's the other way around. Christianity is a daughter-religion of Judaism.

Is Catholicism different from Judaism?

Yes. Catholicism is a major branch of Christianity. Christianity and Judaism are two different religions.

What do Jews have to do with Chrisitanity?

The question should be " What does Christianity have to do with Jews (or Judaism)?" Judaism is like a tree where Christianity is its branch and Islam is it leaves. Christianity is based on Judaism and Islam is based on Christianity. The major difference between the three is that Judaism doesn't have jesus in it unlike Christianity and Islam.

Who was the founder of Islam Christianity and Judaism?

Islam: Mohammed. Christianity: Jesus. Judaism: Abraham. See also the attached Related Link.

What was Paul's mission and how did he separate Christianity from Judaism?

Paul's mission was to preach the gospel to the non Jewish nations. The death of Jesus Christ as a propitiation for sin made Christianity different from Judaism. Paul just preached this.

What religion was jesus born into?

Judaism. Christianity is based on this religion.

Was christianity derived from Judaism?

Jesus, his parents, and his disciples, were Jews.

Is christianity linked to judaism?

Yes. Jesus was Jewish, & Christians worship the Lord Jesus.

Is Judaism the oldest form of Christianity?

No, Christianity is a different entity.

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