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Together as the Jonas brothers, yes.

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you can order its about time (jonas brothers first cd) on

Yes the Jonas Brothers are very cool.

No, actually the Jonas Brothers are very talented.

=There very first song was=Please Be Mine (:

Yes because Jonas came after Camp Rock.

i think it was please be mine not sure

they are all very very nice

The Jonas brothers were in their very first movie in 2008. Camp rock 2 is coming out 2010 in the summer.

The next Jonas Brothers tour will be starting in early to mid 2009 and will be their very first World Tour.

i would say appreciate casue that is the very first song nick Jonas ever recorded i think

They became a band when they first knew that they had a very nice voice.

in 2004 he released a album for his church, "Dear God" . It wasn't very big though. He then later formed a famous band, The Jonas Brothers, with his brothers Joe and Kevin. This later led to guest appearances on popular shows and his own TV show with his brothers JONAS and JONAS L.A. .

The Jonas Brothers are very good looking guys, but you cant just like them for their looks, their music is brilliant and they always know how to put on a GREAT show! And it doesnt hurt that they are hot too. ;]

Yes, the Jonas Brothers are a band. A very popular band among teens today.

No, I wouldn't consider any of the Jonas Brothers to be emo. They have a very urban look.

Yes, The Jonas brothers are very talented! They love all of they're fans and are good singers!

Barack Obama's kids are very much fans of the Jonas brothers.

NO! The Jonas Brothers' father Paul Kevin Jonas (the first) is very much alive and accompanies the boys when they go on tour along with the boys mother Denise Jonas.

You would find their oldest/"first" music made in their very first album, It's About Time.

Yes they are very nice

They are very much alive.

NO!!! they are very good ppl!

Yes,They are very good.

I find this very offensive.

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