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no he's homeschooled

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Q: Is Justin Bieber going 2 monroe woodbury high school?
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Is justin bieber going to monroe woodbury high school?

going to smcs

Is Justin Bieber going 2 monroe woodbury?

yes it is yeah i go there and he is coming to our school(ahhh jb) yes

Is Justin Bieber going to monroe woodbury high school next year?

no because he is home schooled on his tour bus.

When was Monroe-Woodbury High School created?

Monroe-Woodbury High School was created in 1999.

What is the motto of Monroe-Woodbury High School?

Monroe-Woodbury High School's motto is 'Pursuit of Excellence'.

Will Justin Bieber ever come to visit James Monroe middle school at ridgecrest?

will justin beiber ever visit james monroe middle school on the month and year march 2010 in ridgecrest?

What junior high school did Chris Rock go to?

Monroe Woodbury Middle School

Is Justin Bieber in school gyrls?

Yes Justin bieber is in the school gyrls!

What school Justin Bieber goes to?

Justin Bieber is homeschooled.

How does Justin Bieber get to school?

Justin Bieber is home schooled.

In what school is Justin Bieber in?

Justin Bieber is home schooled

Is Justin Bieber middle school?

no Justin bieber is in high school while he's on tour