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Is Justin bieber in the who says video with Selena Gomez?


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No. I believe not. But I saw that he arrived with Selena when she was going to do her music video.

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No because on the Video Music Awards Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissed on tv.

yes because the girl in the music video looks like Selena Gomez

Recently there was a video of Justin talking about Selena and their breakup. Justin says he still loves Selena and is still upset with the breakup

NO he wasn't even though from the side it some how looked similar to Justin bieber it wasn't him.

Of course not. Why would someone think that. I have watched he video, it is untrue!

the girl from the 'Baby' video the song he did with Chris Brown, he kissed and dated the girl he was after in the video and Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have dated before but have recently broken up due to a little bit of a confusion. Selena caught JB texting the girl from his baby music video and dumped him... GOOD FOR YOU SELENA! YOUR TAKIN CHARGE! but on the other hand i do majorly love Justin bieber and want to marry him!

i think they are because i saw them kissing in a video and selena gomez got pist off

No, Selena Gomez is not in Justin *super hot* Bieber's baby video.He wasn't going out with her then so didn't think of putting her in it. JUSTIN IS GREAT

No, the last girlfriend Justin Beiber had was Selena Gomez but she broke up with him when he made his music video "Boyfriend" she said it was too inapropriate

they went out and she broke up with him yesPublicity told him to so people would know he's single!! (not the real reason). He was famous and she liked him for fame, not himself.No actually the real reason they broke up was because of the tabloid. It was too much to hide their secret relationship. Thats why when Selena and Justin starting going out they didnt deny it as much. The picture with Jasmine and Justin kissing caused complications between the two and their relationship was in a tangled web.Justin bieber never dated jasmine they only kissed for the music videoThey kissed in a video in Justin Bieber's music video "Baby" (uhh, yuck, i hate that song) but they date (SOMETIMES) Selena Gomez discovered Justin Bieber texting a message to Jasmine Villegas, so Selena Gomez reportedly break up with him, but Justin Bieber says the break-up must be false. Anyway, why is Selena Gomez jealous with Justin Bieber "dating" with Jasmine Villegas. I say selena gomez is prettier and more talented than JasmineV (Villegas)

all you have to do is when a contest or you can make a video about how much you love him and he will come just like he did the little girl........ this part is for justin bieber i love you and who do u love the most in the world your mom or selena gomez put a video online called girl this is my pls justin bieber i love u will u marry me

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are dating. They have been spotted in Miami, Florida having a romantic stroll. Then I saw these pictures in a people magazine that they were cuddling, hugging, and kissing next to a pool in the Bahamas. Then they were caught holding hands somewhere else. Then they were caught in IHOP having a break fest date eating pancakes. The they were caught on video and Justin gave Selena a little peck on the lips.

You can video chat with Selena Gomez on her UStream channel.

Yes, She admitted she is a jealous type of person and when she saw the mistletoe video she broke up with Justin but they got back together.

no. his girlfriend is Selena Gomez at the moment.

she felt happy and that she didn't worry because she knows that Justin bieber loves her and it's just a video ........

No becuz they brOke up at least that's what I've been hearing from everyone and if I were her I wouldn't want him making out with a girl in his mistletoe music video

Justin Bieber did not date his video girl.

because Miley Cyrus did a video mocking Selena Gomez

yes he is because he dating Selena and he has a thiny for the girl that was in the video baby.

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