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Is K Br2 2KBr balanced?

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Yes, the equation K + Br2 = KBr is a balanced chemical equation. For example, 2 K + Br2 = 2 KBr is one and another balance chemical equation is Fe + Cl2 = FeCl3.

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What is the balance of K Br2 2KBr?

You need to have values for K, Br2 and 2KBr in order to find out the balance. For example, if you had the values as H2 + O2 = H20 the balanced chemical equation would be 10 H2 = H20.

What is the balanced reaction for Br2 plus KI?

Br2(l) + 2KI(aq) --> 2KBr(aq) + I2(s)

How do you balance K plus Br2 equals KBr?

Balanced:2 K + Br2 ----> 2 KBr

What is the balanced equation for the electrolysis of aqueous potassium bromide?

2KBr + 2H2O----->2KOH + Br2 + H2(g) this is the reaction in electrolysis of KBr in aqueous solution

Potassium mangnate to potassium per mangnate?

2K2MnO4 + Br2 ----> 2KMnO4 + 2KBr

Products of bromine water and potassium iodide?

Br2(aq) + 2KI(aq) ==> 2KBr(aq) + I2(aq)

Is MgI2 plus Br2 MgBr2 plus I2 balanced equation?

The balanced equation is MgI2 + Br2 >> MgBr2 + I2....

What happens when bromine and potassium iodide react?

Br2 + 2KI --> 2KBr + I2 Bromine oxidizes iodide to iodine and is left as bromide.

How do you make ethyne from ethene?

Take ethene. Add Br2 to get the dibromo derivative. Then do a double dehydrohalogenation with Alcoholic KOH to get ethyne. CH2=CH2 + Br2 ---> CH2Br-CH2Br + 2KOH(Alcoholic)---> CH-=CH + 2KBr + 2H2O

What happens when Potassium Metal reacts with liquid bromine?

Potassium reacts with bromine to form the salt known as potassium bromide. 2K + Br2 --> 2KBr

How many moles of potassium bromide can be produced from the reaction of 2.92 moles of potassium with 1.78 moles of bromine gas?

First write a balanced chemical equation: 2K + Br2 ---> 2KBR Find the limiting reactant by using the moles of each element and determining which one gives you the smallest number of moles of potassium bromide. 2.92 mol K (2 mol KBr/2 mol K)= 2.92 mol KBr 1.78 mol Br2 (2 mol KBR/1 mol Br2)=3.56 mol KBr potassium is your limiting reactant so the max. number of moles of KBr that can be produced is 2.92 mol of KBr

Can you balance this equation of Ca plus Br2 equals CaBr2?

Ca + Br2 = CaBr2 doesn't need to be balanced.

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