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campus middle school is much better

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Q: Is Kent middle school as good as campus middle school?
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Is future campus school in kolkata good?


Is valley view middle school in simi valley good?

Yes. I currently attend Valley View Middle School and it is great. They have great teachers, a great campus, and also have nice students. There isn't a lot of fighting or bullying there so it is safe to not get harassed.

Is arrowhead middle school a good school?

It is a average school but a smart average school at that. But Eisenhower middle school is a good school too.

Is poe a good middle school?

Poe Middle School might be good depending on where they are located.

Is orting middle school a good school?

the teachers at orting middle school are awesome

Is southwest middle school a good or bad school?

It is a way good school

Is Crawford Middle School a good school?

Is dating in middle school safe and appropriate?

No, it is not good in middle school time

Is Scott middle school a good school?

They have a very good education there.

Is sunset middle school a good school?

yes, Sunset Middle school is great it has great education, good teachers, and also have very good students. i recommend this school to all!

Is forest glen middle school a good school?

yes.its a very good school

Is park crest middle school a good school?

Park Crest Middle School is the number 1 school in Pfluggerville. It's not the best but it is very good.