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Q: Is Key-less Entry standard on 1999 Honda Civic EX?
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On a 2002 Honda civic LX was the keyless entry system installed standard?

No it is standard on ex and dx

Is keyless entry standard on 97 Honda civic lx?

No it is not. It's a dealer installed add on. It is standard on the EX but not the LX. If you want it for the 97 Civic LX then you have to buy the transmitter that fits in the cut out part of the stock radio. It's available from Honda dealerships. The installation is a moderate to advanced procedure.

Can you get a keyless entry system installed on a 2003 Honda Civic LX coupe?

Yes, just got to the Honda website (, then go to OwnerLink) and you can search for accessories specific to your vehicle. The keyless entry system for the 2003 Honda Civic LX coupe costs about $250 without installation; it's $350 installed. The accessories are available for purchase through the Honda online store as well.

How do you know if your Honda Passport has keyless entry?

You will know that your Honda Passport has a keyless entry by the absence of a keyhole. There will also be numbers on the door for a lock combination.

Does your 1998 Honda Civic have anti theft system?

I have a 1998 2 door Honda civic and mine doesn't have keyless entry or an anti theft system installed, you can buy an anti theft system and install it, but they can be expensive

How can you tell if your 1999 Honda Accord EX has keyless remote entry?

All EX models have key less remote entry. It was a standard feature.

I replaced my built in radio with other new brand. Is my keyless remote entry for 2000 Honda Civic EX affected?

You don't. You have to maintain the factory radio in the car somewhere or the keyless entry will not work on 96-98 civics.

How to Program keyless remote 2006 Honda civic?

you have to take it to the dealer

How do you program keyless entry remote on a Honda Element?

Does a 98 Honda Civic automatic engine fit a 01 standard Honda Civic?


Location of keyless entry module for 1998 Honda Accord?

The keyless entry module on a1998 Honda Accord is located underneath the dashboard. It is housed on the driver-side the of dash close to the main relay.

What does the Honda Civic 1998 offer?

The 1998 Honda Civic offers a standard 6 engine, power steering, windows, and locks. Optional CD player/tape deck, sunroof, key less entry, and power seats.

How do you remove the stereo on a 1996 Honda civic?

let it be known that if you have stock keyless entry on a 96-98 civc ex that disconnecting the radio will disconnect the dome lights and your keyless entry. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE THEM UNLESS you keep the old raio connectd and splice the new radio into the wires. go to and they can help you

1996 Honda civic ex keyless entry remote will not open passenger door. any ideas?

Try it manually, with the actual key. If it opens that way, then the remote sending unit is defective.

How can i programme my Honda CR-V 97remote?

Try this site:

What is the standard winter tire size on a 2003 Honda Civic DX?

What is the year model that uses a standard transmission for a Honda Civic?

Every year Honda Civic sold could be purchased with a manual transmission.

What kind of engine will go best with a 1994 Honda civic?

The best engines for a 1994 Honda Civic are the standard D-series variants. Honda built these cars for commuting purposes and their standard engines serve that purpose well.

What standard features come in the Honda Civic Sport?

The standard features of a Honda Civic Sports are there engines as each car has a different engine. They are sleek in color and style so that they have great movability.

Will you need metric or standard tools for your 1995 Honda Civic?


I have a Honda Civic dx and transmission is slipping What other auto transmission Hondas fit a 1991 Honda Civic dx?

1988-1991 Honda civic dx,si,standard civic, crx dx,hf,si any Honda auto trans 1988-1991 will fit it

What is the standard size tire on a 2005 Honda Civic EX Special Edition?

P195/60/R15 is the OEM version for Honda Civic 2005 EX

Why is a Honda Civic called a Honda Civic?

cause its a civic that Honda makes

What is the standard price of a new Honda Civic Sedan?

To find the standard price of a new Honda Civic Sedan, a person should contact their local Honda dealership to find out the price. The price could range anywhere from $20,000 to $70,000 at an estimate.

Where is the keyless entry system located in a 1999 Honda CRV?

Inside Driver's side door, you have to remove the interior panel.