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Kobe is a city in Japan.

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Q: Is Kobe in Japan or is Japan in Kobe?
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Is Kobe in Japan?

yes, Kobe is in japan.

What is Kobe?

Kobe the what is a city in Japan. Kobe the who is an NBA star.

What year was the earthquake of Kobe in Japan?

The Earthquake of Kobe occurred in Japan in 1995.

Where did the Kobe earth quake happen?

In Kobe, Japan.

What island of Japan is Kobe located on?

Kobe is in the south of Honshu, Japan, Asia- Bless you, lol

What counrty is Kobe in?


Where is mount Kobe?

JAPAN!! ;)

Where are places you can visit in Japan?

Japan : Tokyo and Kobe

Is Kobe an LEDC?

Kobe is a city in Japan, which is categorised in Geography as an MEDC.

What is Kobe Japan's elevation?


Where is kawasaki be made?

Kobe, Japan

Where Did The Kobe Earthqauke occur?


When did the Kobe earthquake occur and in which country can Kobe be found?

The Kobe earthquake occurred in Japan in the year 1995.

Where did the Kobe earthquake take place?

the Kobe region of south-central japan

How does a letter mailed in Oregon get to Kobe Japan?

sometimes but do you mean Kobe bryant?

Are Kobe hotels named after the pro basketball player?

Kobe hotels are located in Kobe, Japan. They have no relationship to basketball player Kobe Bryant.

Where is Kobe in Japan?

Kobe is a city located in the south of Japan. It is a well known name since it produces high quality beef and is the name of the basketball player Kobe Bryant.

What was Kobe Bryant named after?

he is named after a piece of steak he travelled with his dad to Spain and japan and the city of Kobe in japan was the origin of his name

Which city in Japan was judo created in?

In Mikage near Kobe in Japan.

Which Port in japan destroyed by the earthquake in 1995?

The port of Kobe, Japan.

Where was the kobe earthquake?

Kobe, Japan Tuesday January 17th 1995 at 5:46 am

What is the population of kobe Japan?

1.5 million

Why is Kobe an LEDC?

it is not it is an medc because it is in japan

Where did Kawasaki originate?

Near Kobe Japan

What island of japan is kagoshima located on?