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No, the LMCC (License Medical Council of Canada), is not a medical degree, nor is an indication of any specialty certification. It is a Canadian medical licensing exam that all Canadian medical school graduates must pass in order to get a license to practice Medicine in Canada. It is basically the same as the USMLE in the USA. You have to have a medical degree to sit this exam. Canadian medical degrees are usually one of the following - MD, MDCM. Some physicians, when trying to pad their qualifications, may place these initials after their name, but this is just fluff. Everyone has to pass this or a similar exam and it does not confer any degree status, just the indication that you have can sit and pass a very difficult exam.

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What does LMCC after a doctor's name mean?

LMCC stands for Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC).

What is lmcc model in parallel computation model?

LMCC stands for "laude madhar chod chodade"....

What is LMCC?

LMCC is the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. They help artists to empower themselves by providing them with support, networks and resources.

What is a medical administration degree?

A degree in medical administration

Which specialist is most likely to have a medical degree?

A psychiatrist has a medical degree.

WHAT DO THE INITIALs MB ChB LMCC MScGP FRCGP after a doctors name mean?

CCFP = Certification in the College of Family Physicians or Certificant of the College of Family Practice of Canada MB ChB = Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery LMCC = Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada FRCGP = Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners MScGP = unknown but I bet it is for a masters in general or family practice.

Why do you get MD?

It is for Doctors to signify that they have a medical degree. MD is an acronym for medical degree.

Is a medical degree a technical degree?

A medical degree is probably more appropriately designated as a "Science" degree. "Technical degrees" are usually more focused on building and running inanimate systems. Of course someone with a medical degree focused on medical devices could be considered to have a technical degree.

What degree is required to become a general pracitioner?

to be a medical general pratitioner you need a bachelor's degree and a medical degree from a medical school or school of osteopathic medicine.

What master's degree is needed to be a medical doctor?

To be a medical physician, there is no requirement for a Master's degree.

Does a clinical psychologist have a medical degree?

No, a clinical Psychologist does not have a medical degree, that would be a psychiatrist.

What year did Elizabeth Blackwell earn her medical degree?

She recived the the medical degree in 1849!:)

What is a m ed degree?

this is a medical degree they say m ed degree it really stands for medicine education degree but many people say medical degree

What is a MAMS degree?

Medical Illustration degree

What degree do dentist need?

Medical degree,

What degree do you have to get for medical school?

Bachelor degree

Which is better an associate's degree in medical assisting or a CERTIFICATION in medical assisting?

If you do not have an already existing degree, it is always better to pursue the degree.

What is the highest degree to get in the medical field?

doctorates degree :)

What does the medical degree FACE stand for?

M.B.B.S degree

What degrees is required to be a medical doctor?

To be a medical physician, a medical degree and a medical license are necessary. A few examples of recognized medical degrees to be a medical physician include the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree (D.O.) (earned in the United States), Doctor of Medicine degree (M.D.), and the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS/MBChB) degree.

Does Gonzaga University offer a medical degree?

Gonzaga University does not offer a medical degree. It does, however, offer a degree in Health Sciences, which can be used to move up to a full medical program.

What is the difference in a doctoral degree and a medical degree?

A doctoral degree is the highest level of academic attainment form which many specific programs of study fall. A medical degree can be any type of degree related to medicine. However, most related it to that of a medical doctor.

What can you do with your medical degree apart from being a doctor?

You can use a medical degree as if it were any other degree, and enter e.g. post graduate jobs.

What is Mch degree in medical?

MCH stands for Master of Chirurgiae in the medical field. It is an advanced surgical degree.

How do you abbreviate medical doctor degree?

It depends on what medical degree was earned. A medical physician can have a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree, which would be abbreviated D.O., a Doctor of Medicine degree abbreviated as M.D., or a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery degree abbreviated as MBBS/MBChB.

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