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No. It is on the border of Nevada and California.


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The drive from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Lake Tahoe, California, is 8 hours long. Most of the trip involves driving through the state of Nevada.

West Wendover is in Nevada, Wendover is in Utah. Wendover is approximately 100 miles west of Salt Lake City, on the Utah-Nevada border. The cities are divided by a street.

Yes. Utah is on the east border of Nevada.

Large lakes in Utah - Utah Lake, Lake Tahoe, Flathead Lake, Great Salt Lake.

The Great Salt Lake is entirely within Utah. It does not border any state. A small portion of the salt flats around the lake reaches into Nevada.

Both Nevada and Arizona border California. Utah and Ohio do not border California.

Bear Lake is the lake that is on the border of Utah and Idaho.

Utah is bordered by Nevada to the west.

Salt Lake City, Utah is further North then Carson City, Nevada.Salt Lake City, Nevada is located father north than Carson City, Nevada.

Salem, Oregon Boise, Idaho Sacramento, California Salt Lake City, Utah Phoenix, Arizona

Wendover, Nevada is a city that is located in the area of Elko County in Nevada. It is located on the Eastern border of Nevada and near the Western border of Utah.

Interstate 80 connects Reno, Nevada with Salt Lake City, Utah.

If you mean which two states border BOTH Nevada and Montana, the answer is Utah and Wyoming.

California, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, and Arizona border Nevada.

It's in the Pacific time zone. It lies on the California-Nevada border; both of those states are on Pacific time except for a small part of Nevada adjacent to Utah. Pacific standard time is UTC-9 hours, and Pacific daylight time is UTC-8 hours.

Salt Lake City, Utah is further north than Carson City, Nevada.

Carson City Nevada is farther south than Salt Lake City Utah.

Depends where you are in Nevada and where you are in Utah. They border each other, so it could take you just a few steps!

Consider Lake Mead which is shared with Nevada and Lake Powell which is shared with Utah.

No, to get to the nearest ocean from Utah you will have to travel through Nevada and California - the nearest beaches to Salt Lake City are 750 miles away in San Fransisco and Long Beach, California.

California, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho.

the boarder states of Nevada are Utah ,Oregon ,California, Idaho,Arizona

Utah is bordered by Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Nevada. Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah.

Utah borders the north of Arizona. The states that border Arizona are: California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and new Mexico.

New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California all border Arizona.

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