Is LimeWire illegal?

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Limewire is Legal

Technically the act of using Limewire/Kazaa/Morpheus or any other

P2P file sharing system IS PERFECTLY LEGAL. However, the act of

sharing copyrighted music is what the authorities will prosecute

for, as you are allowing other users to download something which

they should pay for, for free.

The act of downloading music which is being shared by other

users, is illegal, however the authorities will prosecute those who

are sharing a "significant amount of music" - like drugs they will

go after the DEALERS not the USERS.

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  • The main question here is not whether Limewire is illegal, but

    if mp3 sharing, or sharing of any files/applications for that

    matter, is illegal. There have been lots of lawsuits where the

    music recording industry have tried to serve hefty fines etc to the

    companies/individuals who encourage and facilitate the sharing of

    files between people. However in recent court cases the decision

    has been made that it is not plausible to adequately place blame on

    people, since all software such as Limewire does is act as a

    catalyst. The heart and soul of Limewire, WinMX and KaZaa is the

    people, like you or I, that download files and likewise make files

    on our own PC's available for others. In order to 'win', the

    recording industry would have to sue each and every one of us,

    which would simply be a too difficult and costly task. By taking

    software such as Limwire off the internet by way of force, all that

    would happen is that another group of individuals would come up

    with somehting new, and another head would grow in its' place. It's

    like trying to police an individual taking a new CD that he bought

    over to his friend's house and copying it on to his PC: virtually


  • As we all know, technically, ftp is legal in itself as a mode

    of communication and data transfer. It has really (unbelievably)

    been used since not long after the second world war. The net was

    invented as a communication method that would be almost

    self-healing after an attack, by offering billions of alternative

    routes for data transfer. In itself it is pure genious and gives us

    communication that our ancestors would only dream of. Music piracy

    has shot up tenfold since the advent of programmes like Napster.

    The US & UK governments thought the problems had died when they

    passed acts that shut these sites down. These primative fileshare

    sites actively promoted the fact that they offered music free to

    download through their shareware. But the new breed is VERY

    different. Programmes like KaZaa, Limewire, WinMX and E.Donkey, are

    just bacteria that feed on the source that almost all internet

    users harbour in their own homes. A piece of software is an

    appliance. Like a tumbledryer. A tumbledrier dries your clothes. An

    FTP application downloads files. It doesn't know what a particular

    file is, what it shows, or how it works. It just does its job. But

    the pitfall is that this software can pass copyrighted music,

    unreleased Hollywood blockbusters, expensive software, child

    pornography, important and censored documents/images/films in an

    unbiased way between countries, individuals, criminals and

    governments. So, Limewire IS technically legal. But it and

    programmes like it have a finite lifespan and I would wager that

    within the next few years (maybe 6 at the most), Filesharing will

    be another heavily taxed weapon in our worldwide governmental

    arsenal. It's the first opportunity for the world to get something

    for free. (REALLY FREE). Grab the chance now and go forth my

    children and get what you need (but make sure it's legal) Just

    because you can get it, it doesn't mean that the stuff you have is

    legal. Steer clear of terrorism movies/ images, child porn,

    pornography of a corrupt nature in general, and any file that your

    conscience and society will not accept. But otherwise, ENJOY this

    rare blip in history when the majority notched up a rare victory on

    the bedpost of our existence.

  • Limewire is completely illegal. One of the main reasons this is

    illegal is because, artists release their music to get money off of

    it. If u take their music for free right of the internet, it's like

    stealing their music, which is also like stealing money from record


  • It is just as illegal to allow people to upload from you than

    it is to download from others. You have become a file sharer and

    they take it just as seriously as file downloaders. Trust me. I

    personally now know TWO people who were caught. Not on Limewire but

    on Imesh. It is not worth it. Your whole life changes once you get

    sued. You put yourself (family) at risk of paying thousands of

    dollars because of a few moments of weakness. "I gotta have that

    song!" I did it too! My friends learned just how much they REALLY

    needed all those songs once it happened. The answer was they didn't

    NEED them at all. Your follow up question "will I get caught?" is,

    I'm sorry to say, just a bit out of touch with what's going on out

    there. People, your NEW experts should not be the ones responding

    to this saying its legal, but others who have gotten caught! Do

    some research on Google with such words as music industry sues or

    lawsuit, and see the world from the other perspective. They are

    totally serious and totally committed to busting as many people as

    they can. Hope this helps someone out there. Go get some legal

    advice on this.

  • Limewire is Legal. There was a recent court case betwenn the

    RIAA and another P2P file sharing client and the file sharing

    client won. This is because the software is intended to help people

    distribute files and how can the people that have that software be

    held accountable for the others that use it illegaly. If you share

    copyrighted metarial it is illegal if you share pics and documents

    which aren't copyrighted it is 100% legal.

  • Don't be fooled by the "This Product is 100% Legal" that Kazaa

    but on their website. If you read it carefully it says that the

    downloading of the product is indeed legal, and so is downloading

    music, if its NOT COPYRIGHTED. Almost ALL music is copyrighted,

    therefore downloading them is illegal.

  • This has been said above, but here it is black and white, clear

    as crystal: "Copyright laws and laws pertaining to patents and

    inventions protect original works of authorship and inventions.

    Individuals who reproduce, distribute copies, receive copies,

    publicly perform or display works or inventions other than their

    own and without the consent of the owners or holders of rights, or

    their authorized agents, in original works of authorship or

    inventions, n(m)ay be in violation of copyright, patent or other

    intellectual property infringement. Lime Wire LLC does not

    encourage or condone the illegal copying of copyrighted material.

    This is not intended to be legal counsel or advice. If you have any

    questions, consult your attorney." Reference:

  • Anyone paying for "100% legal" file sharing sites have been

    fooled. You could have stuck with any of the popular free sites and

    would be in the same boat regardless but with a little more money

    in your pocket. No one has been caught or sued yet that has ONLY

    DOWNLOADED music. Users uploading (assuming larger quantities) are

    the ones that have been fined. Granted, it may happen where

    downloaders are caught but for now, those who block all sharing

    along with turning off the function for the computer to be used as

    a supernode, have a much better chance at avoiding trouble.

  • In a sense Limewire is legal, but in another sense it's

    illegal. The fact right now is that Limewire, Kazaa, etc., are

    legal because it is simply peer to peer file sharing, like taking a

    CD to a friends house and letting him take the music on to his

    computer (ripping). This is legal, in a sense so is Limewire then,

    because the music comes from an original CD that someone paid money

    to get and they are simply sharing it to selected people. The

    problem that the recording companies and artists have is the MASS

    FILE SHARING, meaning the sharing of the song to more than 5

    people. In fact it's perfectly legal for anyone to share a file for

    free to 5 or less people. Basically like burning a game or a CD and

    giving it to your girlfriend or something. So is Limewire legal?

    YES. But if they want to take a further step they might want to

    make a "expiration system". Basically a program that automatically

    deletes songs off the online list after it's been downloaded 5

    times. So there, LimeWire is technically legal.

  • Whenever you don't pay for some download, with the exception of

    PC game demos, the free download files are illegal.

  • LimeWire is a tool, just like a knife. Tools have their roles

    in various tasks. Possessing the knife doesnt commit the crime. Its

    the person the used the knife that commits the crime. One's focus

    should not be on the existence of Limewire, but on the particular

    wrong-doing the happens with it.

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