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No, you can download it for other stuff too. Like just listening to it on your computer, burning it out into a CD, but that's not truly can download it onto ipods, mobile phones with a music player too, and I cant think of any other devices lol

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โˆ™ 2005-11-24 20:48:40
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Q: Is LimeWire only for downloading music for MP3 players?
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If you don't share music on limewire but you just listen is that illegal?

Yes, but the RIAA has never sued anyone for downloading, only sharing. -DJ Craig

Does LimeWire only allow 5 downloads of songs?

No. I have been using Limewire for years and never have trouble downloading songs.

Is it safe if you download videos from LimeWire?

No, it is not. Limewire does not offer virus protection. The only way I'd go about downloading ANYTHING off of Limewire is if I had good anti-virus software.

Is downloading music from LimeWire illegal?

Limewire Downloads are Illegal - 99.9% of the timeDownloading music or anything else off limewire is both risky and illegal. Music that is shared is copyrighted and most of the time belongs to somebody. Downloading Limewire Pro only gives you faster downloads and better connection and also free updates. I am a Limewire Pro user myself, getting it from sponsored functions. All terms of use are the same Limewire will not be held responsible for your downlading and mistakes. When you download a file always stop sharing it. Some people don't even know what they could be a host to or be sharing.Downloading from Limewire isn't illegal (though this may vary from country to country), however downloading illegal music from Limewire is illegal.Limewire is fine if you have full permissions to share the music/videos etc.. However this isn't always the case. And that's when the problems start.As well as this, people who create virus's, spyware etc know that if you download the latest Madonna song, its illegal. So they will hide their malware inside the latest Madonna song, and now your less likely to complain when your machine gets infected, because you shouldn't have being downloading the "song" in the first place.It is only illegal if you make copies of the downloaded songs.

Does downloading LimeWire Basic cost anything?

No, it is free to download the basic. (I know because a teen babysitter helped me dowload basic limewire this last month on my home PC.) No, But it can if you get caught using it. limewire is illegal and you can get in trouble for it. Limewire says it is legal, But it is only legal to them limewire doesnt use any of the files, just lets them go from one place to another (you can also get pro for nothing by downloading PRO off limewire basic ';,.,;'

If one copy of LimeWire Pro were installed on two computers could the second computer pick up items the first computer is downloading?

No, Limewire and all other P2P services are confidencial. The second computer would only see what the first one is downloading if the first one is downloading directly from the second one.

How do you take music from LimeWire and put it on CD?

Yes, just download the Music and use a good program to make a audio CD - not a data CD, because a data CD will not work on CD players, only computers

If downloading music from LimeWire was illegal why is it on the web?

First, LimeWire is not illegal to download. It`s just p2p program.Second, all of the songs are not stored in a main host, its shared between the users. If you are downloading song, you are not downloading from the limewire server, you are doing it from users that accepted to share that song.For that, the LimeWire software is legal but it is illegal for the individuals to share copyrighted material such as music, videos and software. LimeWire should only be used for sharing the material that you have created yourself as stated in the LimeWire user agreement....The Program, like all peer-to-peer ("P2P") programs, is capable of being used to share materials that the copyright owner has not authorized be shared. It is unlawful to use the Program to infringe the intellectual property rights of others, or to share, distribute or download others' protected, proprietary and/or confidential information without authorization

Is downloading the only way to get music on a IPOD?


What software that can erase the singer voice or erase only the music?

IN LIMEWIRE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD A MUSIC AND YOU CAN ALSO ERASE MUSIC Improved Answer: Unfortunately I don't know how to do this, but that answer doesn't answer the question. Limewire is a software that is used to download music for free (IT'S ILLEGAL).

Is downloading underground music albums illegal?

Only if you get caught

How do you know which downloads on LimeWire have viruses?

Limewire doesn't have any built in detector for that kind of thing, it's job is just to find files that match your search. The only way to be sure you aren't downloading the PC version of Ebola is to use a separate virus scanner and keep the folder you're downloading into quarantined. Scan every file you download for viruses before moving it into your music or video library and setting it free on your hard drive.

Where can you transfer music to your computer without downloading?

By sending only the link from the source , but not downloading whole of the file.

I want to know if i burn a CD from Ares which is like LimeWire but i keep it to myself and don't sell it or anything is it illegal or legal?

Places like limewire that are file sharing sites are legal. However downloading files protected by copyright from sites is illegal. Even if it is only meant for personal use, it is still illegal to download the music without paying the copyright.

If you have LimeWire how do you backup the files so you can get rid of LimeWire but keep the music?

Just run the Limewire uninstaller. It won't delete the music. I can't think of any reason that deleting Limewire would delete your music. But if you want to make sure, just copy all of your music onto a different hard drive or a different computer, and then disconnect that hard drive/computer. Or if you only have one computer with one hard drive, you could encrypt your music library. you should go to the file on the limewire application and then open my documents in a new window then just drag and drop the files

Are all music downloads bad for your computer?

no not all. only ones that carry viruses like limewire.

Is downloading music online for free stealing?

Downloading MusicYes, you are taking something without paying for it, the same as if you took a CD from a store and didn't pay for it, so downloading music online for free is stealing. Not only that, it is also illegal.

Has anyone been prosecuted for using LimeWire?

It is not illegal for anyone to use Limewire. It is simply illegal to download copyrighted files on Limewire, and the only people who may be charged for this is the original downloader. When other Limewire users download the existing file, it is simply called "file sharing," and it is most definetly not illegal., no one has been prosecuted for using Limewire-just for downloading coyrighted files on to Limewire. If you aren't copyrighting anything, you have not broken the law, and have simply participated in file sharing.

Is downloading unlicensed music still illegal if it is only for personal use?

Well it kinda is.

What is the best website for downloading music?

legal There only 9 cents a song.

Would you get sued if you used LimeWire to only listen to music?

In order to hear the music, you must download it.Downloading copyrighted music is illegal. So yes, you could get sued for "just listening to music."

Do you use iTunes to dowload iPod music?

Yeah, the only two things you can use to get music for your iPod is iTunes or loading music from a CD onto your computer, then transferring it to your iPod. Avoid file sharing sites like LimeWire because exchanging music without paying royalties to the recording companies is illegal (copyright violation), and some people (even teens!) have been sued for downloading music from these places.

How do you transfer songs from Limewire to an iPod?

=== === Downloading music on Limewire, if free music, is completely illegal and against the law. If you are participating in this illegal act, stop immediately, as police could easily track you down and arrest you. Hundreds of adults and teenagers are being arrested because of downloading free music illegally. Music and other files sourced from filesharing networks like Limewire is the most common cause for software corruption on iPods. If you notice your iPod is no longer working correctly (battery not charging, iPod not recognized by computer, songs skipping, etc.), then you may have corrupt software on your iPod. Often, if you're using Windows, the iPod is no longer recognized, so you can't restore it or erase it to fix the problem. If that is the case, find a friend with a Mac or take it to an Apple store and have them restore it for you. Please also note that downloading songs from file sharing services that you don't own the license to (translation: have bought the album or song for already) is copyright infringement, and is not only illegal, it's wrong. Artists deserve to be paid for their work. Paying for software like Limewire doesn't actually mean you have legal rights to the files...only to the software you're using

How go you music from LimeWire to iTunes and then to your ipod?

Well first things first, limewire is illegal. The only way to download songs to your iPod is throgh buying the tune online or from a store. Itunes uses a scanner to detect if it was legally purchased, if it isn't you will not be able to put the song on there. I suggest you stop downloading songs off Limewire because if you have so many songs and you get caught the average fee per song you illegally downloaded is $1,000 and the cost of the song. Not the best thing in the world buddy.

How do you find out when LimeWire is full?

LimeWire is never "full." The music files you download are stored on your hard drive, usually in your Shared folder. Thus, the only limit to the number of songs you can download is the capacity of your hard drive.

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