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Yes, "Look out below!" is an exclamatory sentence.

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Q: Is Look out below an exclamatory sentence?
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Related questions

What is look out below is it interrogative declarative imperative or exclamatory?

it is exclamatory :D

Is look out below declarative interrogative imperative or exclamatory?


A sentence with the word exclamatory?

exclamatory sentence is very useful. You left him there? Real Exclamatory.

Is wow an exclamatory sentence?

"Wow!" would be an exclamatory sentence.

Use the word exclamatory in a sentence?

his sentences were not Exclamatory. The news was exclamatory for everyone.

What is a exclamatory sentence for familiar?

an exclamatory sentence is a sencence with an exclamation mark at the end or an overly exciting sentence

Why is an exclamatory sentence called and exclamatory sentence?

because someone is exclaming something to someone

Use exclamatory in a sentence?

like this? Hello! or this? An exclamatory sentence is blah blah blah.... Which one???

What is an example of an exclamatory sentence using the word happening?

This is an example of an exclamatory sentence using the word happening!

Is the following sentence a declarative interrogative or exclamatory sentence He huffed and he puffed and blew the house down?

If you mean "Is the following sentence a declarative, interrogative, or exclamatory sentence, 'He huffed and he puffed and he blew the house down!' ?" Then it would be an exclamatory sentence.

Is the sentence ''i thought so'' an interrogative sentence?

no it is an exclamatory sentence

Is the following sentence a exclamatory sentence Serigraphs are prints made by a silkscreen process?

It seems to be a declarative sentence, stating a fact. An exclamatory sentence would be more like: "Sally, look! Serigraphs are prints made by a silkscreen process and they make interesting patterns!"

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